Speed frame

yarn Objectives of speed frame, operations involved in speed frame

Fusing Quality Control

apparel Since fusing is a crucial process in garment manufacturing, it is not completely without risk. For this reason it is necessary to follow, aside from regular maintenance, a few important rules to secure fusing quality

Fusing Equipments

apparel There are various types of fusing equipments.Some of them are Specialized fusing presses,Flat bed fusing press,High frequency fusing,Hand iron,Steam press,Continuous fusing systems

Natural Mineral/Metallic Fibres

fiber A number of fibres exist that are derived from natural mineral sources or are manufactured from inorganic and mineral salts. These fibres are predominantly derivatives of silica (Si02) or other metal oxides.

Filament Yarn Spinning

spinning yarn For transforming filament fibres to yarns involve processes such as Wet spinning, Dry spinning, Melt spinning, Bi-component spinning, Bi-constituent spinning, ICS etc.

Natural Plant/Bast Fibres

fiber Banana fibre, a ligno-cellulosic fibre, obtained from the pseudo-stem of banana plant (Musa sepientum), is a bast fibre with relatively good mechanical properties.

Pattern Making

apparel apparel-making The appearance and fit of a garment is highly dependent on each process. Patternmaking is one of the earliest steps in the development of a garment. It is a craft that has evolved over the centuries into a skilled technical process. Today, patternmaking tools have been carefully tailored to quickly perform repetitive time-consuming tasks, allowing apparel companies to cater to the fast paced world of fashion. Nowaydays sophisticated software programs are used for pattern making.

Energy consumption of chosen spinning mill

spinning yarn In order to obtain the necessary information about energy consumption of a specifc spinning mill, one which is able to spin every kind of staple fibre (i.e. cotton, linen, polyester, viscone) in a wide count range using both ring and openend systems to be chosen.