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  1. Lab Dips

Lab Dips

It is the merchandiser’s responsibility to get the Lab dips from the processing mill and to get approval from buyer.

There are different matching systems followed in Labs. They are

  • Tube light matching.
  • Sun light matching.
  • Ultra Violet matching.
  • Sodium light matching (show room).

Each of these above matching will give different results. For example, if a lab dip matches to the original in tube light, it will differ in sun light. So the lab dips are to be made according to the buyer’s matching system.

Different buyers follow different matching. Hence before proceeding lab dips, merchandiser should be aware of the buyer’s matching system. Accordingly he should arrange to make lab dips.

Also he must be sure of making the lab dips in the actual production fabrics. It is better to make lab dips in more than 3 closer shades. (Some times, the processing factory will make lab dips in 2 shades and will make them in to 4 bits. If we send the same to buyer and if buyer finds out this, he will think that he had been cheated purposely by the merchandiser. Our reliability will get questioned here).

Before sending the lab dips to buyer, the merchandiser should verify whether they are closer to the required shade. And he should send them to buyer only if he is confident that they will get approved. If he sends them with a doubt and if they are not approved, he will have to make them again. By this way, at least 1 week time will be wasted; courier expenditure will be wasted unnecessarily. To adjust this wasted time, we will have to urge the production which may lead to quality problem. So if he is not satisfied with the lab dips, he should arrange for the revised lab dips from the processing mill immediately.

When sending the lab dips to buyer, he has to take some extra care. The lab dip fabric bits are to be ironed and cut into a clean shape. They should be attached to the shade card in an attractive presentation. This will give a pleasant mood to buyer when he verifies the shades. (Here we should understand the psychological effect in this regard. If we see lab dips in the morning, we may think they are not suitable. If we see the same in the evening or the next day, we may think they are closer. Our presentation of lab dips will help to get quick approvals. This is not cheating; just a tip).

While making lab dips, the lab in processing mill will have the recipes noted. They will give different reference numbers to different lab dips. Accordingly each lab dip will have different reference number. When sending lab dips to buyer, the merchandiser should keep one set of counter lab dips with reference numbers. He must be sure that the reference numbers mentioned to buyer’s set are the same in his counter set also. It is advised to follow the same reference numbers by everybody – processing mill, merchandiser and buyer. This will help to avoid confusion when processing.