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Pashmina Wool Fibers

The Pashmina Shawls made with Golden Fibers of Cashmere Goats

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Pashmina is another name for Cashmere is a downy undercoat of the Capra Hircus Laniger goats that mainly live in the Trans-Himalayan regions classified as speciality hair fibres which possess special qualities of fineness and lustre, which is used for making finest quality shawls and hijabs.

Dusting and Dehairing losses of Pashmina fibres

Parameter Percentage
Dusting loss 19.39
Dehairing loss 39.80
Fine Pashmina 50.63
Guard hair 49.37

The effect of the method of de-hairing on the physicochemical quality of Pashmina fibres is as under:

Physical quality

Type of fibre Undercoat Percentage Fineness (μ) Mean fibre length (cms) Linear density Tex(g.wt/km)
Wt/Wt No./ No
Fine undercoat 71.07μ 1.917 87.18μ1.571 13.37μ 0.0472 55.86μ 0.377 0.296μ 0.004
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Mechanical quality

Characteristics In Air In Water
Fine Pashmina Guard Hair Fine Pashmina Guard Hair
Tex 0.319μ0.0072 3.004μ0.1106 0.318μ0.0072 2.864μ0.1024
Breaking Strength 11.812 μ 0.1475 14.597μ  0.2596 10.043μ  0.1344 9.339μ  0.2773
Breaking Extension 34.58μ  0.3774 37.54μ  0.4408 55.93μ 0.6019 55.38μ  0.2773

Chemical Quality

Type of fibre Grease content (%) Suint content (%) Vegetable matter (%)
Fine undercoat 5.61μ0.278 6.94μ0.794 0.54μ0.072
Guard Hair 2.37μ0.113 4.52μ0.427 0.88μ0.003

The yarn properties of Pashmina as reported are as under

Theoretical count (NM) Fineness (μ) Metric count  (Actual NM) No. of fibres  / cross section Actual count of yarn in Tex Instron Single Thread Test
Breaking strength (g) Tenacity ( g /  tex) Elongation
132.18 13.51 μ 0.01 56.72 31.88 15.9 52.0 3.27 36.8
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  1. Sebastian Samuel says

    The fibre of Pashmina is Cashmere wool, which is manually transformed into luxury shawls and scarves. It is most luxurious, softer and warmer than superfine merino wool. The word pashmina is originated from a word ‘pashm’ means ‘soft gold’ in local language. https://catalyticministries .com/

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