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Pashmina Wool Fibers

The Pashmina Shawls made with Golden Fibers of Cashmere Goats

Pashmina is another name for Cashmere is a downy undercoat of the Capra Hircus Laniger goats that mainly live in the Trans-Himalayan regions classified as speciality hair fibres which possess special qualities of fineness and lustre, which is used for making finest quality shawls and hijabs.

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Dusting and Dehairing losses of Pashmina fibres

Dusting loss19.39
Dehairing loss39.80
Fine Pashmina50.63
Guard hair49.37

The effect of the method of de-hairing on the physicochemical quality of Pashmina fibres is as under:

Physical quality

Type of fibreUndercoat PercentageFineness (μ)Mean fibre length (cms)Linear density Tex(g.wt/km)
Wt/WtNo./ No
Fine undercoat71.07μ 1.91787.18μ1.57113.37μ 0.047255.86μ 0.3770.296μ 0.004

Mechanical quality

CharacteristicsIn AirIn Water
Fine PashminaGuard HairFine PashminaGuard Hair
Breaking Strength11.812 μ 0.147514.597μ  0.259610.043μ  0.13449.339μ  0.2773
Breaking Extension34.58μ  0.377437.54μ  0.440855.93μ 0.601955.38μ  0.2773

Chemical Quality

Type of fibreGrease content (%)Suint content (%)Vegetable matter (%)
Fine undercoat5.61μ0.2786.94μ0.7940.54μ0.072
Guard Hair2.37μ0.1134.52μ0.4270.88μ0.003

The yarn properties of Pashmina as reported are as under

Theoretical count (NM)Fineness (μ)Metric count  (Actual NM)No. of fibres  / cross sectionActual count of yarn in TexInstron Single Thread Test
Breaking strength (g)Tenacity ( g /  tex)Elongation
132.1813.51 μ 0.0156.7231.8815.952.03.2736.8
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