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Men’s shirt manufacturing processes, major components of shirts, types of shirts, types of pockets, types of plackets, types of cuffs, types of collars


Loose-Fitting Raglan Shirt

Template: Loose-Fitting Shirt Block


  • Topstitched Front Placket
  • Curved Hem
  • Chest Pockets with Slanted Corners
  • Cuffed Sleeve
  • Shirt Collar with Collar Stand

Slim-Fit Raglan Shirt

 Template: Slim-Fitting Shirt Block

  • Concealed Front Placket
  • Attached Waistband
  • Back Waist Darts
  • Sleeve with wide Cuff
  • Shoulder Dart
  • Convertible Collar with Collar Stand

Shirt for the Athletic Figure

Template: Basic Shirt Block for the Athletic

  • Pleated Front Placket
  • Curved Hem
  • Chest Patch Pocket
  • Cuffed Sleeve
  • Shirt Collar with Collar Stand
  • Front and Back Waist Darts

Shirt with Style Seams

Template: Slim-Fitting Shirt Block

  • Pleated Front Placket
  • Front and Back Style Seams
  • Double-Layered Front Panel
  • Sleeve with wide Cuff
  • Spread Collar

Aloha Shirt

This is a casual, loose fit, button-up shirt with colourful prints that you see worn on the beaches of Hawaii. It has a straight flat hem and is usually worn untucked and falls to the hip in a casual easy-going style. The distinguishing features are a convertible collar and big breast pockets and bright colourful prints and patterns.

The patterns in these Hawaiian Aloha shirts are inspired by the island staples like hibiscus flowers, palm trees. This shirt has a very happy go lucky style just right for vacationing on the beaches.

Casual Shirts / Sports shirts

Casual shirts refer to a style of the shirt that is easy going, carefree but at the same time presentable, even as workwear. Casual shirts have a loose carefree fit and will be made in a lightweight but textured fabric. A denim shirt is the quintessential casual shirt. Think smart, cool and casual.

The sports shirt style has nothing to do with sports. But it has everything to do with sportiness. A sports shirt refers to a style of shirt that is casual and laid back as opposed to the dressier dress shirts – synonymous with casual shirts. It will be shorter than the dress shirt so that it can be worn untucked as well and is made of fabrics that are more varied than that of the smoother shinier dress shirts.

Dress shirt

These are button-up shirts, typically worn under suits and jackets to formal and semi-formal occasions – a wardrobe staple of almost all fashion-conscious men. You can call an ensemble with a dress shirt, tie and jacket a semi-formal one.

The dress shirts are made of high-quality fabric mostly in a solid colour and are neatly tucked into the pant waist and are sleek and well fitted. A dress shirt will have full-length sleeves with single /french cuffs, stiff folded collar. Cufflinks are used to fasten the cuffs, to make it the dressiest

A button-down dress shirt refers to a shirt with the collar points buttoned down.

Epaulette shirt

This is a shirt style characterised by a special shoulder styling – the shoulder will have militarily inspired shoulder straps

Henley shirt

This is a knit shirt with a short placket and round neckline and no collar at all.

Flannel shirt/Lumberjack shirt

Another name for this shirt is “Plaid shirt” As the name indicates the shirt is named because of the material it is made of – lightweight casual flannel which at the same time is warm. The rugged-looking checkered flannel fabric is the distinguishing feature of this shirt type. Other features are a convertible collar, patch pockets. It is worn on its own or as a jacket over a singlet or t-shirt and has a very outdoor aura that is appealing to all men.

Granddad shirt

This is a full front button-up shirt with a band collar. It is usually made of high-quality cotton or linen. It originated in Scotland, where a linen version is known as a Sunday shirt. Contrary to its name this shirt is a hit with the youngsters. Granddads also.

Ivy league shirt/Oxford shirt

Ivy league look is a clean-cut, smart, casual clothing style that came out of the old private Northeastern university-preparatory school campuses in the USA – you may know it as the preppy look. The ivy league shirt has a button-down collar which distinguishes it from other shirts.

An Oxford shirt is almost the same as the ivy league shirt – just that ivy league shirt is nowadays made in other fabric than the oxford fabric with which the oxford shirt is made – oxford fabric is a thick but soft fabric made using a unique basket weave, which originated in Scotland during the 19th century. The resultant shirt is a casual one trying hard to be formal and succeeds at being a little of both. It is usually in solid colours.

Western shirt

This shirt typically worn by the Cowboys (also called cowboy shirt) has a high stiff stand collar, front and back shaped yoke, breast pockets with flap, sometimes embroidery/piping

Tuxedo shirt/ Formal shirt

This is a formal occasion wear shirt typically worn under a tuxedo jacket and has a yoke which is styled like a built-in bib with pintucks. This will be the visible part of the shirt under the jacket. This shirt is mostly paired with bow ties and formal ties


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