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Textile School is an information portal pertaining to textiles. Backed by a team of professionals actively employed in various sectors of textile industry, the purpose of the site is to pool up scattered textile information under one roof.

Information on textiles are collected, purified and presented in an easy to understandable manner so that the desired knowledge is conveyed to the users effortlessly. All of the articles are written in the most modest level so that even the beginners can understand the advanced topics. Diagrams, tables, formulas, images etc. are attached at appropriate places to establish the points.

Since the information on textiles are scattered due to traditional practices of manufacturing processes, we stick to a mid way where we see the knowledge is universally applied.

Apart from articles, there are few unit conversion calculators are provided in the site to help you convert values from one unit to another. Please do let us know if you like them and your suggestions and comments are heartily welcomed.

Please let us know if you find any sort of errors on any of the pages. We would like to correct them at the earliest with the help of you.

Would you like to be part of this endeavor to gather the textile knowledge at one place? We will be pleased to publish your articles on Textile School if your articles are technically proficient. Please do let us know your willingness to do so.

Textil School