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Coir or Coconut Fiber – the natural, seed fiber

Coir or coconut fiber belongs to the group of hard structural fibers. It is an important commercial product obtained from the husk of the coconut. Industries based on coir have developed in many coconut producing countries especially India, Tanzania, Kenya, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ghana etc.

Kapok or Capok Fibres

Kapok/Capok fiber is one of the natural cellulosic fibers which grow on the kapok plant. It has a hollow body and a sealed tail, which are desirable features of candidates for functional textiles of this nature. However, the low volume weight of kapok is (specific density 0.29g/cm3), and the short length and smooth surface of the fibers, causing poor inter-fiber cohesion, have prevented kapok from being processed by modern spinning machines.

Silk – natural, protein, animal fibers

Silk is a protein fiber made from silkworms and is the only natural fiber that is a filament fiber. Silk fibers spun by several species of arthropods have existed naturally for hundreds of millions of years.