For transforming filament fibres to yarns involve processes such as Wet spinning, Dry spinning, Melt spinning, Bi-component spinning, Bi-constituent spinning, ICS etc.

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Filament YarnFilament yarn spinning systems:

  • Wet spinning
  • Dry spinning
  • Melt spinning
  • Bicomponent spinning
  • Biconstituent spinning
  • Film splitting
  • Integrated multicomponent yarns
  • Coverspun yarns
  • Selfil tyarns
  • Aerodynamic spinning

Bi-component spinning:

  •  The technique involves extrusion through a spinneret of two different types of the same polymer
  • There are three methods of bicomponent yarn production
    • Side by side extrusion
    • Extrusion through one spinneret enclosed in an other
    • Distribution of drops of molten polymers

Bi-constituent spinning:

This technique utilizes two different polymers that are combined and extruded in the same manner

Film Splitting:

Melt extrusion of polymer through a wide die but with a very narrow slit to form a sheet of film which is later broken /cracked by mechanical means in to a mat of fibres Or embossed with a roller having patterned indentations to fibrillate the film

Integrated composite spinning(ICS):

The process entails passing a monofilament or a multifilament strand (Carrier) through a poly propylene Polymer (binder resin) and then immediately embedding part of the length of staple fibres in to the polymeric resin

Different types of staples of different sizes and colours can be used to incorporate desirable properties, effects and appearances.

Cover spun:

The technique wraps fine continuous filament man made fibre around a core of untwisted natural or man made staple fibre to produce yarns in a wide range of counts.


The self twisted staple core is initially wrapped with a filament yarn in alternating S and Z phases; a second filament yarn is then wrapped around these in alternating opposite Z and S twists.

Aerodynamic Spinning:

This system passes a continuous Multi filament yarn together with staple fibre through a Pneumatic device which causes the filaments to twist and curl entrapping the staple fibres in the snarls.