Packaging tape will stick to most surfaces merely by applying pressure. The tape is made of a coated adhesive, which is backed by a non-sticky materials like paper, foil, fabric, or movie. There are several different grades & types of packaging tape products to suit varying packing demands. Polyethylene plastic tapes or poly tapes, most commonly used for packaging and for sealing light weight carton boxes subject to normal shipping and transport hazards.

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  1. General Packaging or Carton Sealing Tapes
  2. Types of Carton Sealing Tapes
  3. Adhesive Tape for Polybag Closing
  4. Security Seal Packaging Tape

General Packaging or Carton Sealing Tapes

Polyethylene plastic tapes or poly tapes, most commonly used for packaging and for sealing light weight carton boxes subject normal shipping and transport hazards.

A good packaging standard 0.04mm thickness tape must perform well in a wide temperature range. It must have excellent quick stick ability with clarity, UV stability to color change (yellowish) with chemical and moisture resistance. Adhesive used in packaging tape in generally synthetic rubber. Commonly used packaging tapes are available in Clear Transparent or Opaque Tan color. Packaging Tapes are available basically in 2 types.

Types of Carton Sealing Tapes

Polypropylene (PP):

packaging tapes are basically 2 grades:

  • Hot-Mel Acrylic Adhesive Tape: the aggressive hot-melt adhesive instantly sticks to corrugated cartons giving a burst proof seal so packages stay protected. Hot-melt tape has easy release and dispenses quickly so that more cartons can be sealed in less time. It has synthetic rubber adhesive system.
  • Low noise Acrylic Adhesive Tape (quiet release from the roll): A good substitute for vinyl tape offering quiet release from the roll. Low noise tape resists UV rays without yellowing, and instantly sticks to corrugated cartons.

Polyvinyl Packaging Tapes (PVC)

Carton closure tape with storing PVC film backing gives less stretch, resists splitting with maximum tear and puncture resistance has long term durability and sealed tight security. Ideal for sealing heavier cartons. Unwinds quietly from the roll. Natural rubber-based adhesive grips instantly even in cold or humid conditions (0-150 degrees). Thickness is generally 40 microns.

Masking Packaging Tape

This all purpose tape is made from tear resistant Kraft paper backing and is used in various applications like Packaging, Splicing, Sealing, Tabbing, Writing, and labeling applications. This tape has good adhesion for secure hold and performs incredibly in temperatures up to 200oF. Easy to apply and can be removed without leaving a residue. A good quality Masking Tape must resist to curling and should not leave residue when removed from the surface of packages etc. General available widths are between ¾" to 3".

Adhesive Tape for Polybag Closing

Most of garment poly bags are closed using transparent adhesive tapes ½" wide. Sometimes usage of cheap and poor quality adhesive tapes for sealing poly bags can risk white or light colored garment to become yellowish due to staining. This staining is caused due to presence of Butyl Hydroxyl Toluene (BHT). This phenollic yellowing of garment is a permanent change and cannot be removed on white or light colored garments. Factory should always select good quality adhesive tapes which use synthetic adhesive rather than cheap rubber based adhesives.

Security Seal Packaging Tape

Some buyers specify to use security seal tapes for additional security for any pilferage of goods or contents of cartons. These are generally used for sealing cartons of merchandise containing designer, high-end boutiques or high priced studio garments. These tapes are generally water activated tape and are made from heavy duty Kraft paper tape reinforced with glass fibers lends additional structural strength and stability. Available 1-3" wide rolls or as ordered. But nowadays with advance technology now poly propylene or polyvinyl tapes are also being made into security seal tapes.