Contains the process sequence of Finishing for yarn. It includes yarn twist setting, cone winding from ring cops to cone by cone winding , ordinary cone winding specifications, slub catcher settings , splicing, production calculation.

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  1. Yarn Finishing System
  2. Process sequence of Finishing

Yarn Finishing System

Yarn finishing starts after Ring Till transfer to finished godown.

Selling of yarn: Yarn is sold in a) hank form b) Cone form.

Slub Catcher setting:

Lower the count, higher the slub catcher setting gap. Slub catcher should keep clean, otherwise fluff will accumulate.

Splicing-Piecing of yarn without knotting.Done by compressor sir, Manual knotting also can be done.

Production calculation

Prod/shift in kg/m/c = Speed of Drum (rpm)*3.14()*Die of Drum (inch)*60*8*efficiency*No. of Drum 
 36*840*Count of yarn

Process sequence of Finishing

Process sequence of finishing

Yarn Twist Setting:

Object: To improve the resistance of the yarn to untwisting and snarling, it is necessary to fix twist i.e. to bring the yarn into a stabilized state.

Bad/methods mostly used

  • Yarn steaming in an autoclave (with boiler) capacity up to 500 kg/batch. Allowable pressure 7kg/cm(max)
  • High frequency current by electrode with high voltage
  • Water treatment conditioning

Cone Winding

From Ring cops to cone by cone winding, ordinary cone winding specifications

  • No. drum/m/c—120
  • Drum Dia—80-95 mm
  • Traverse—150mm-152mm
  • Type of package shape—9 degree 15
  • Winding speed—500-850m/tm
  • Ribbon breaking device: Electrical on-off type
  • Empty bobbin conveyor at each side with endless belt
  • Provision for rack on the top go m/c for storing ring cops.
  • Stop motion—Auto stop for end breakage with individual spindle control
  • Main motor—each side with individual motor
  • Speed of winding drum—up to—3500 rpm
  • Over head blower—for cleaning fly
  • Suction arrangement for slub catcher
  • Splicing device
  • Type of package- Paper or plastic