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What is Sequin?

Allover Sequin Dress

A small piece of shiny ornamental disc made from plastic or coloured metal foil, often sewn on cloth or used to decorate high end apparel like bridals and evening wear to enhance value and show. Sequins are also used in curtains, upholstery, home furnishings, cushions, pillow cases, bedspreads, table covers etc. Commonly they are used with printing and embroidery mix and match to give a more expensive look. They may also be referred to as spangles, palettes, or diamonds.


Sequins may be stitched flat to the fabric, so that they do not move, and are less likely to fall off; or they may be stitched at only one point, so that they dangle and move easily, to catch more light. Some sequins are made with facets, to increase their reflective ability.

Common Shapes and Cuts

Sequins are available in wide variety of colours and geometrical shapes like Flat, Cupped, Slightly cupped, Squares, Circles, Flowers, Embossed Squares, Snowflakes, Hearts, Circle Palettes, Leaves, Rings, Cat Tails, Rectangles, hexagons, Spikes, Shells, Hearts, Spangles, Ovals and Rectangles

What are the Sequin Sizes?

Sizes Sequins are placed into the appropriate categories based on their average size and shapes. Some common sizes are:

  • Mini are under 4mm,
  • small are 4-7mm,
  • medium are 8-9mm,
  • large are 10-12 mm and
  • extra large 12mm and up

Sequin Material Types

Glass, Acrylic, Plastic, Crystal, Stone, Pearl, Coral, Gemstone, String etc.

Wash and Care

Not all sequins or beads are washable or colourfast. Sequins and Beads are washable but while washing the garments must be turned inside out and gentle soap solution must be used. Do not iron or steam the sequins or beads as this can cause the sequins to warp or get cup shaped sequins go flat change the colour or can cause the beads or sequin’s facet to warp. Never use a Dryer to dry the sequins or beds.

Sequin Finishes

Transparent, Satin, Translucent, Silver Lined, Rainbow, Galvanized, Luster, Aurora Borealis, Iridescent, Satin, Matte, Opaque Iridescent, hologram, and Metallic.

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