Different types of winding machines are discussed here.They can be classified on the basis of ...Also the various faults of winding are specified.

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  1. Classification of Winding Machines
  2. Faults in Winding

Classification of Winding Machines

  1. According to package:
    • Flanged bobbin winding m/c.
    • Cone winding nn/c.
    • Cheese winding m/c.
    • Pirn winding m/c.
    • Cop winding m/c.
  2. According to winding:
    • Precision winding m/c.
    • Non precision winding m/c.
  3. According to Drive:
    • Direct Drive winding m/c.
    • Indirect Drive winding m/c.
  4. According to type of yarn used:
  5. For warp yarn:
    • Upright spindle winding m/c.
    • Drum/Cylinder winding m/c.
      • Warp winding m/c
      • cheese winding m/c
      • Spool winding m/c
      • Cone winding m/c
    For weft yarn:
    1. Pim winding m/c
      • Ordinary pim winding m/c
      • Automatic pim winding m/c
    2. Cop winding m/c.

Faults in Winding

Some of the common winding faults are as follows:-

Fault Description
Yarn breakage The main causes are :
  • Improper slub catcher setting.
  • Incorrect tension level.
  • Improper winding speed.
Stitch The main causes of formation of stitch :
  • Excessive spindle speed.
  • Worn out spindle speed.
  • Large tension variation during winding.
  • Defective release of Yam after knotting.
  • Improper alignment of tension bracket.
  • Worn out or damaged grooves in the drum
  • Improper setting of travers restricters.
Patterns or Ribbons The main causes of fonnation of patterns are
  • Defunct antipatterning motion.
  • Incorrectly set antipatterning motion.
  • Cone or chese loose filting on winding spindle.
Entanglements The main causes are:
  • Repeated knotter fibre
  • Strong suction pressure