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  1. Ring Spinning Schematics
  2. Arrangements in Ring Spinning

Ring Spinning Schematics

Ring Spinning Schematics

Arrangements in Ring Spinning

  1. Drafting arrangement

    It is the most important part of the machine.It mainly influences eveness and strength.All modern Ring Spinning machines are fitted with 3/3 double-apron drafting arrangements.

    1. Drive is applied to the lower fluted steel rollers
    2. Top rollers are carried in pivoted weighting arms. Top rollers are arranged over fluted rollers and pressed against them.
    3. As the drafted strands contains few fibers in the main drafing field, aprons are used to guide the fibers
    4. Drafting Limits

      Fiber type Drafting Limit
      Carded cotton >=35
      Carded Blend >=40
      Combed Cotton and Blended yarns Medium fineness >=40
      Fine yarns>=45
      Synthetic Fibers >=50

  2. Spindle arrangement

  3. The spindle arrangement consists of the following parts

    1. Tread guide
    2. Balloon control ring
    3. Ring
    4. Spindle
    5. Bear
    6. Ring Rail
    7. Bolster
    8. Nut

    The spindle consists of two clearly seperate parts namely the upper part and the bolster part.The upper part is made of aluminium alloy and is slightly tapered.Near its upper ends and innlarger spindles, also near the lower end, it has a tube gripping device that ensures firm seating of th tube on the upper part.

    Mechanically the spindle is capable of speedsd upto 28000 rev/min.This maximum speed cannot be exploited comercially because the traveler speed is limited.The centering of the spindles relative to the rings should be as accurate as possible.
    Basically there are types of spindle drives:

    1. Tape drive

    2. Spindle Tape Drive

    3. Tangential belt drive

    4. Ring and Traveler arrangement
    5. Basic forms of rings can be classified into

      • Lubricated rings(in woollen and worsted spinning
      • unlubricated rins (in short staple spinning)
        It is the standard ring of the short staple spinning mills. It can be of two types
        1.Single sided rings
        2. Double sided rings.
        For rings used in short staple spinning milltwo dimensions are of prime importance
        1.internal diameter and
        2. the Flange width

    Materials for Ring and Traveler

    Required properties for Ring materials

    • The ring should always be hard and tough on its exteriors
    • The traveler hardness should be lower so that wear occurs mainly on travelers,which is easier and cheaper to replace
    • Surface smoothness is also important

  4. The traveler

    • The traveler imparts twist to the yarn
    • It enables winding of the yarn on the cop
    • Its speed is somewhat less than that of a spindle
    • The traveler does not have a drive of its own but is dragged along behind the spindleTraveler types
    • Traveler
    The traveler mass

    The traveler mass determines the winding and the balloon tension.If the traeler is too small the balloon will be too big and the cop too soft, material take-up in the cop will be too low.An unduly high traveler mass leads to high yarn tensions and many end breaks

    Traveler types