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  1. Problems in Ring Spinning
  2. Success Factors in Ring Spinning

Problems in Ring Spinning

Ring spinning process is a very critical process in the whole plant and it has also the direct relation to production of plant. It’s difficult to manage it and lot of problems occurs during process.Following are some production, mechanical and electric problems here.

  • Most of operators don’t know about how to handle the machine.
  • Due to lack of training of employees, they can create problems when they work in the department like problems of material handling, wrong traveler and bobbin color.
  • Ends down is the major problems in ring machine and it cause an efficiency and production loss.
  • Due to lack of training of maintenance staff, mechanical fault is creating a problem and loss of mechanical parts, efficiency and production of plant.
  • Improper maintenance is also creating problems related to maintenance and electric fault during running of machine.
  • Electric problems are also occurred due to lack of electric staff and they are unable to take corrective and preventive action against any fault.
  • Some faults are occurred due to manufacturer of machine like software problem,communication problem and load capacity problems.

Success Factors in Ring Spinning

In ring spinning process, there are some critical success factors which directly effect on yarn quality and profitability of the plant.

  • Strength of Yarn
  • If there is need to reduce the defects and improve quality of yarn, strength of yarn is so important that without it we can’t take best results in the next process. Strength of yarn depends on twist of yarn, as the twist increases the strength is also increases up to a certain limit.

  • CV of Yarn
  • From customer’s point of view, CV of count is very important and it’s difficult to achieve and maintain in the ring spinning process. CV of yarn is the variation of different parameters like,strength, count etc.