There are many different types of underwear for men in both modern and classic styles. This wide array of men’s underwear includes boxer brief, bikini, trunk, and boxer.In many cases, it depends on where they are going and what they will be doing that determines the type of underwear they will choose. Most men wear standard underwear briefs when they go to work or when they are at the gym. But other men like to wear boxer shorts, which they claim are more comfortable.Mens underwear is available

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Depending on the time of year that they are going to be worn, most men like to find underwear that is thin and does not bunch up when they walk. Since the underwear will have to worn under pants, bulky briefs do not look attractive and are not the easiest to move around in.Over recent years the availability of styles in men’s underwear has grown at a phenomenal rate. Each season designer’s retire certain lines and introduce new ones, often introducing new styles along with the new looks. Men are no longer forced to choose between boxers or briefs anymore.

When men are young they usually begin wearing what is often referred to as the ‘tightie whitie’, a basic white brief style underwear. Though when fit properly, without being to tight or too lose, these still look fantastic today on the athletic, muscle bound man, there are still many choices available. Bikini briefs are similar to the basic brief, looking best on the tall, think men with excellent muscle definition; they usually do not sport a functional fly. Spawned from the traditional or basic line of briefs is the fashion brief, available for the fashion conscience man, but still providing the front, supportive pouch style and other elements of the traditional brief underwear.

Boxers are an old favorite, loose fitting and comfortable, looking good on most body types, gathering support from the fabric of which they are made. And the boxer briefs that were designed as a combination of the brief and boxer brief, offering the best of both worlds longer legs that are tighter fitting than the original boxer, but front support of the brief. Boxer briefs also look great on most body types. Unlike the boxer, many boxer briefs have faux flies. Boxer briefs also prevent chaffing on the legs that traditional boxers often cause.

Measuring Men's brief size

Measuring Brief Size The size you wear in underwear corresponds to the waist size of your jeans/pants. Even when you order a  jock strap, the size will still be determined by waist size, not pouch or cup size.

 Measure by Waist

Wrap the tape measure around your waist at the same height you wear your jeans. Make sure you pull the measuring tape tight and horizontally around your body.

Additional Fit Tips for Underwear

  • Know Your Numbers. Some brands actually size their underwear with waist measurement. So all you need to know is your waist measurement to find your size.
  • The Euro Standard. European brands tend to be cut slimmer. The measurements for a medium pair of Calvin Klein underwear are not the same as for a medium pair of Diesel underwear.
  • Know Your Fabrics. Any pair of underwear containing Lycra, spandex or elastane will have more give than a pair made of 100% cotton, nylon or polyester. If you are between sizes and the pair you want has some stretch added, it may be fine to go with the slightly smaller size. But if you find yourself between sizes in a pair of underwear like the Players Tricot Nylon Men's Boxer, it's a safer bet to go with the larger size.
  • Boxers Are Not All Created Equal. In this day and age, boxer shorts come in a choice of different fits. They range from slim fit to traditional fit to relaxed fit. It is mostly a matter of preference which one you choose. Slim-fitting boxers tend to fit better with slim-cut jeans than relaxed-fitting boxers and most guys like lounging around the house or sleeping in more relaxed cuts.
  • Boxer Brief Or Trunk, What's The Difference? Often it's a matter of about 2-3 inches that differentiates a boxer brief from a trunk. Both have a contoured cut with a snug fit, but the difference is in the outseam: a boxer brief has an outseam between 10" and 16" while a trunk has an outseam between 7" and 10".