Clothing is a complex but fascinating part of everyone’s life. Clothing’s are mainly used to cover our bodies, make us look more elegant and also to express a lot about an individual’s status, personality and occupation. Different clothing styles are used depend on occasions and social situations.


purpose of clothing

Clothing's are mainly used to cover our bodies, make us look more elegant and also to express where we are going .For eg. There are casual wears, party wears, official wear, sportswear etc. But there are also other reasons for us to wear clothes like protection, comfort. We wear particular clothes for social or psychological reasons. Quiet often clothes tell a lot about a person I,e it exposes the personality of a person to some extent. We also have clothes based on different religion, caste, creed or country Clothing, food and shelter are some of the basic important needs of the mankind. Clothing is a complex but fascinating part of everyone's life. Let's us analyze as to why we wear clothes.


First and most important reason for our clothing is it provides protection form heat cold, wind and rain. We all know extreme weathers can affect our skin and body. Since our skin is open and uncovered these extreme weathers can easily affect our skin for eg. Too much cold can make our skin itchy and cracked; too much sun can tan our skin. Therefore there is a need for us to protect ourselves from such conditions. It absorbs perspiration, prevents sudden chills, and acts as a buffer between your body and accidental burns, scratches, and rough surfaces. The right garments can insulate your body against extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures. People who live in extreme cold weathers dress themselves in heavy coats made of fur so that they can keep their body and thus survive the harsh weather; where as in deserts nomads protect themselves from the hot sun from dehydrating their bodies by covering up with long flowing robes and headdresses.


Second most important reason for us to wear clothes is to protect ourselves from any possible injury. For eg some jobs like fire fighters, some sportsmen like cycling etc. Wear particular clothing for safety reasons. In today's world some of our jobs are really very hazardous which requires safety measures like wearing proper clothing. Thus clothes offer safety in fact some of the clothing are specially termed as “safety” to identify them from regular clothing. Fire-fighters wear asbestos clothing in hazardous situations. Police officers wear bulletproof vests. Road workers wear florescent orange vests so that drivers can see them easily and prevent accidents.


Uniform is a specific cloth worn by all the people of an organization there by making it easy to identify which organization one belongs to. Uniforms provide an instant image for the group. For example Workers of textile industry have a specific uniform, students of a school have their special uniform differentiating them from the students of the other schools, people working in govt. organization have a particular uniform in sports like football, cricket each team have a specific uniform for their members. In certain occupation specific has to be worn like, members of police, restaurant workers, airline personnel, and hotel staff also wear special uniform. These uniforms help to identify the worker to their customers, as well as create an image for the company.

Style and Color

Some occupation or schools require a preset style and color of clothing that means same style with different color is not allowed. E.g. the police uniform, the Navy or Army uniforms etc. These color and style has been followed since long years and is till continuing. Many people wear special styles and colors of clothing for special occasions in their lives like in a catholic wedding the brides always wear white gowns.


Clothes are one of the important factors that represent the status symbol of an individual. In olden days the kings and queens had a specific style of dressing which was very unique from the other people, which made it easier to identify them and understand their status. In today's world in official meeting the official wears like suits and coat that too of a reputed company or brand represents the status of every individual. Some of the things representing high status today are designer clothes, designer jewelry, fur coats, pure leather item , cost of classy fabrics etc. because these items tend to be more expensive than others.


Clothes made of a particular quality is used by people working in some special jobs like chefs who work in the kitchen have to wear an apron, a hat and a mask while cooking so that the food they make remains hygienic and is not contaminated. Also people working in food factory have to follow similar dressing code. Surgeons too have to follow a dressing code and use disposable gloves, face mask, cap and aprons in order to avoid contamination.


Every individual loves to look good therefore each one of try to decorate ourselves with a certain style of clothing, jewelry and cosmetics which help in enhancing our appearance and personality. We decorate ourselves based on the situations. This kind of dressing tells a lot about the individual. Adornment, or decoration, also helps people to express their uniqueness and creativity.


We all live in a society which has preset unwritten rules as to how an individual should or should not dress and all of us invariably follow those rules. Like if you go for a morning or burial you wear black or white clothes but you will never wear a colored or fancy dress. Modesty refers to what people feel is the proper way for clothing to cover the body. Different group of people follow different standards of modesty.


Insignias are badges or emblems that show membership in a group. Patches or emblems can be worn on jackets or blazer pockets. A school letter with a sports pin can be worn on a jacket or sweater to indicate participation in athletics.


Certain types of clothing, colors, and accessories have become representative of certain groups, activities, and occupations. This means that specific style of dressing along with a specified accessory helps every individual to easily identify them in a big crowd as to what their occupation is. We teach our kids in kindergarten to identify people based on their clothing as to what is their occupation.