fiber The process of separating the seeds from the cotton fibers. Types of processes, Points to be considered for fibre during processing. It also mentions various other properties.

The Marking Standards

apparel Accurate marking throughout garment construction is extremely important.This process begins with marking pattern symbols.How and where to mark the garment will aid in putting the garment together.Marking should be done as soon as the garment sections have been cut and before the pattern pieces have been removed.Pattern symbols to be marked include darts, pleats,tucks, and matching circles.Beginners should also mark seam lines. In some situations, marking a seamline is important to even the most

Warping and Selvedge

fabric weaving The arranging of yarn threads in long parallel lengths of equal tension, onto a beam in preparation for weaving.During the warping process cones of yarn are placed onto a rack called a creel. From this creel yarn passes through tension and spacing devices and through a leasing reed which separates the yarn threads and keeps them in the correct order before being wound onto a warping balloon.Selvedge means the edge of a fabric that is woven so that it will not ravel or fray.

Polyolefin Fibres

fiber Polyolefin fibres are those fibres produced from polymers formed by chain growth polymerization of olefins (alkenes) and which contain greater than 85% polymerized ethylene, propylene, or other olefin units.

Fabric Washing Techniques

apparel fabric These garment washing techniques were originally developed for denim garments, but are now being used for a wide variety of different garment types. The mills and commission houses involved in garment processing continually search for ways to achieve unique new looks.

Fabrics For Men's And Boy's Wear

apparel fabric Men's clothing includes garments such as suits, topcoats, cover coats, jackets and slacks.Boy's clothing includes suits, topcoats, overcoats, jackets, and raincoats. With the emergence of fashion as selling force, there are more divisions of men's and boy's section in department and specialty stores.

Properties of Vegetable/Plant/Cellulosic fibres

fiber Chemically, cotton is the purest vegetable fibre, containing >90% cellulose with little or no lignin.

Dyeing and Washing

apparel dyeing Some garments, dyeing is done after final assembly in order to ensure a perfect colour match for items intended to be worn together.

Distribution of Grade or Fiber Diameter

fiber The use and value of a fleece or lot of wool is affected almost as much by the distribution of the individual fiber diameters as the average fiber diameter or grade. The more uniform the individual fibers are in diameter, the more valuable.

How to make batik designs

fabric Batik is a textile art used to print or decorate the fabric and also called as "wax writing". It is a technique of covering parts of fabric which will not receive color. The creation of batik involves three major processes – waxing, dying and de-waxing.