Profit Computation of Spinning Mill Setup

assorted spinning Spinning Mill setup and computation of profits from the actual investment, loan, loan repayment, ideal and actual production output.

Winding Up

embroidery finishing Winding up has to be carried out if design size exceeds size of embroidery area.

Types of Doubling

finishing Ring doubling and two for one twister, quality required by yarn to get best doubled yarn. Formula for double yarn count.

Woven Fabric Construction

fabric weaving Fabrics can be constructed in a variety of ways, ranging from the matting together of fibrous materials to the intricate interlacing of complex yarn systems.

Coir or Coconut Fiber

fiber Coir or coconut fibre belongs to the group of hard structural fibres. It is an important commercial product obtained from the husk of the coconut. Industries based on coir have developed in many coconut producing countries especially India, Tanzania, Kenya, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ghana etc.

Spinning Formulas

assorted spinning Formulas used for yarn spinning production including various yarn numbering system conversions

Fabric Sourcing

apparel In a garment factory, fabric sourcing department is basically engaged in determining how and where its merchandise i.e. fabric will be obtained.

Conversions Factor

assorted This page helps in determining the Various convertion factors whether it is for textile use or for common use.


finishing Finishing encompasses chemical or mechanical treatments performed on fibre, yarn, or fabric to improve appearance, texture, or performance. Some of the fabric finishing methods are-Brushing, Shearing, Pressing, Raising, Beetling, Calendaring, Folding, etc. Finishing can be carried out in 3 stages i.e. Pre-treatment, coloration and Finishing.

Standard Apparel Construction Guidelines

apparel Description-The standards specified are minimum standards, and provide guidelines for apparel construction and performance to achieve consumer satisfaction.This knowledge will be helpful for buyers, suppliers and Agents.The standards objective is to deliver quality merchandise to the customer. It applies to all categories of apparel and textiles.