The Layout Procedure


Preparing for Layout

apparel Before we layout the fabric one needs to do the needful preparation for Fabric layout in garment manufacturing like folding the fabric correctly, pinning the pattern with the fabric , placing pattern pieces, matching grains by measuring and securing the pins to the grain lines and also that the pins should be properly placed and should be in right quantity.

Fusing Technology

apparel Garment manufacturing cannot be imagined without fusing these days. Fusing could therefore be expected to have become a matured technology by now. Changes in the material, in quality expectations and textile care methods entail more and more unpleasant problems, which are often realized after an entire batch of defective pieces has been produced. Fusing technology where by the interlining is bonded to the outer fabric by means of a thermoplastic adhesive resin which can be bonded to another fabr

Fusing Process and its Requirement

apparel Regardless of which fusible and machine are used, fusing is controlled by four processing components such as temperature,time, pressure and cooling.

Fusing Equipments

apparel There are various types of fusing equipments.Some of them are Specialized fusing presses,Flat bed fusing press,High frequency fusing,Hand iron,Steam press,Continuous fusing systems

Methods of Fusing

apparel All the descriptions of the fusing processes that have been included ,have represented it as a single piece of interlining, laid resin side down,on a single piece of garment fabric ,laid right side down. This is referred to as single fusing and it is the safest in the sense that it is easiest to set the press conditions to achieve the correct temperature at the glue line.Some other methods of fusing in garment contruction are Reserve fusing,Sandwich fusing, double fusing

Fusing Temperature

apparel Fusing in fact is lamination of two ore more textile surfaces by using thermoplastic resins. Therefore temperature is the most important (but also the most critical factor for the application of fusing.

Fusing Conveyor Belt

apparel The conveyor belts are the most delicate design elements of a continuous fusing machine. Their function, however, is crucial for the performance of all other elements. Therefore they have to meet with high expectations.

Fusing Quality Control

apparel Since fusing is a crucial process in garment manufacturing, it is not completely without risk. For this reason it is necessary to follow, aside from regular maintenance, a few important rules to secure fusing quality


apparel-making fabric weaving Selvedge are special hooked needle driven by a cam which produces, after cutting, the insertion of the protruding thread end into the subsequent shed, thus forming a stronger edge. The basic function of any selvedge is to lock the outside warp threads of a piece of cloth and so prevent fraying. The selvedge should be strong enough to withstand the strains of the stenter in the finishing process. - The selvedge should have a neat and uniform appearance.