apparel embroidery Embroidery is a ?Thread Art? of a sewn decorative work of fabric in which artwork, designs, emblems, logo, letters etc are created. A well-digitized design made up of a solid framework of stitches forming its outer edge, fill, satin stitches, and underlay stitches. The design should have a well-planned sewing sequence, with few jump stitches, from one area to another, so there is less thread-trimming to do. And it should be paired with a suitable fabric that displays it to its best advantage.

Garment Decoration

apparel embroidery Not too long ago, the vast majority of apparel decorators were specialists of embroiderers or screen-printers. Now more and more companies are adding additional decoration methods to increase their profitability ? and more importantly ? keep their customer ?at home". Garments are decorated based on the end usage by affixing sequins, rhinestones, embroidery etc. to enhance the appearance of the final products.

Merchandiser's other Responsibilities

apparel Apart from acting as a mediator between buyer and the production unit, merchandiser also has the responsibility to advise and assist other departments right from sampling to final shipping.


apparel fiber Linen, which is used for apparel and interior textiles, comes from the long, strong bast fibres that form in the outer portions of the flax stem.

Garment Costing

apparel assorted knitting Costing is a very complex procedure, with set patterns and guidelines followed by the industry, and it is difficult to find out costs for every processas there are some inbuilt costs while costing.Garment costing includes all the activities like purchase of raw materials and accessories, knitting fabrics, processing and finishing of fabrics, sewing and packing of garments, transport and conveyance, shipping, over heads, banking charges and commissions, etc.

Preparation of materials for garment production

apparel apparel-making Garment production is an organised activity consisting of sequencial processes such as laying, marking, cutting, stitching, checking, finishing, pressing and packaging

Bra Anatomy and its Size

apparel Bra manufacturing requires an indepth knowledge about the anatomy of Bra which consist of parts like Apex,strap, adjuster,hook and eye,cup, cradle,sling,wing etc. Each of which plays a very important role and therefore one needs to know them and thier correct use

What is Fabric selection in apparel manufacturing?

apparel Fabric selection is a crucial step in designing a project because fabrics are designed for specific applications, a fabric manufactured for one purpose, may not be adaptable for another use.Therefore selecting the appropriate fabric is only the first step in providing serviceable fabrics for apparel manufacturing.Designers specify the fabric as part of their design concept. Designers may develop new styles for fabrics that have been successful. In other cases, untested fabrics may inspire new d

Entrance Gate

apparel Visitors and workers see the factory entrance first, which is an opportunity to send a strong positive signal about the quality and work of the factory. A neat and tidy entrance creates a positive first impression, while an entrance which is dirty or disorganized reflects poorly on it. A factory which has a clean, tidy and secure entrance demonstrates a commitment to quality, productivity, and sound working conditions.

Establishing a Library

apparel Factories with motivated and productive workers often outperform competitors.Establishing a library for the benefit of workers is an excellent way for a factory to demonstrate that it cares about its staff and to build goodwill in the community.