Yarn Conversions

assorted Various yarn numbering systems and conversion formulas and tables for easy reference

Garment Costing

apparel assorted knitting Costing is a very complex procedure, with set patterns and guidelines followed by the industry, and it is difficult to find out costs for every processas there are some inbuilt costs while costing.Garment costing includes all the activities like purchase of raw materials and accessories, knitting fabrics, processing and finishing of fabrics, sewing and packing of garments, transport and conveyance, shipping, over heads, banking charges and commissions, etc.

History of Textiles

assorted weaving The term "Textile" is a Latin word originating from the word "texere" which means "to weave" Textile refers to a flexible material comprising of a network of natural or artificial fibres, known as yarn.

Article Submission Guidelines

assorted Article Submission Guidelines

Short Story of Textiles

apparel assorted under-garments Transformation of textile materials from fibres passing through various processes and enhancements and become a product for the end user, explained briefly

Fabric Consumption

apparel assorted How to calculate the consumption of fabric for a particular garment?

Weaving Formulas

assorted weaving Commonly used weaving formulas and reference guides used for manufacturing woven fabrics

Fabric Cost


Conversions Factor

assorted This page helps in determining the Various convertion factors whether it is for textile use or for common use.

Clothing and Design

assorted The wish to decorate or beautify the human body has been existed from the Stone Age when the early man painted his face and his body. Even though the beauty standards have changed, the desire remains constant.The evolution of clothing has been closely interlinked with factors such as social, economicaland technological progress of each period in the history of mankind.