Man-made Regenerated Cellulose Fibres

fiber Certain natural cellulose fibres are treated and re-produced for specific purposes. The famous fibres such as Viscose Rayon, Acetate etc. are produced by processing various natural polymers.

Manmade Regenerated Protein Fibres

fiber Manmade protein fibres are produced by dissolving proteins like casein from milk, soya bean protein, and zein from corn in diluted alkali and forcing these solutions through a spinneret into an acid-formaldehyde coagulating bath.

Manmade Synthetic Fibres

fiber The synthetic man-made fibres include the polyamides (nylon), polyesters, acrylics, polyolefin, vinyl, and elastomeric fibres, while the regenerated fibres include rayon, the cellulose acetates, the regenerated proteins, glass and rubber fibres

Manmade Mineral Fibres

fiber A variety of inorganic materials are made into fine fibres and used for structural strengthening or insulation; they are known as man-made mineral fibres (MMMF). Types of man made mineral fiber have names such as: mineral wool (which includes rock wool, slag-wool and glass wool), continuous filament, superfine and refractory (or ceramic) man made mineral fiber. The names of these classes of materials have different origins and are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Polymer Fibres

fiber Polymers are made up of many molecules all strung together to form really long chains. Things that are made of polymers look, feel, and act depending on how their atoms and molecules are connected.

Polyamide Fibres

fiber The polyamide fibres include the nylons and the Aramid fibres. Both fibre types are formed from polymers of long-chain polyamides.

Elastomeric Fibres

fiber Elastomeric fibres are those fibres that possess extremely high elongations at break and that recover fully and rapidly from high elongations up to their breaking point. The fibres are all used in specialized applications where high elasticity is necessary within the textile structure. An Elastomer is a polymer with the physical property of elasticity. Elastomer is a term derived from elastic polymer, which is often used interchangeably with the term rubber.

Polyolefin Fibres

fiber Polyolefin fibres are those fibres produced from polymers formed by chain growth polymerization of olefins (alkenes) and which contain greater than 85% polymerized ethylene, propylene, or other olefin units.

Vinyl Fibres

fiber Vinyl fibres are those man-made fibres spun from polymers or copolymers of substituted vinyl monomers and include vinylon, vinyl, vinylon-vinyl matrix (polychlal), saran, and polytetrafluoroethylene fibres.

Miscellaneous Fibres

fiber Fibres which do not logically "fit" under other classifications such as natural, manmade, mineral etc. such novaloid, carbon, poly-phenylenedibenzimidazole polyimide fibres etc. are categorized under miscellaneous fibres.