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Fabric Cutting Standards

Where large quantities of a garment style must be cut, a layer is created which consists of many piles of fabric spread one above the other. From this, all the garment pieces for all the sizes that have been planned for that layer are cut.…

Garment Fusing Technology

Garment manufacturing cannot be imagined without fusing these days. Fusing could, therefore, be expected to have become a matured technology by now. Changes in the material, in quality expectations and textile care methods, entail more and…

Fabrics for Men’s and Boy’s Wear

Men's clothing includes garments such as suits, topcoats, cover coats, jackets, and slacks. Boy's clothing includes suits, topcoats, overcoats, jackets, and raincoats. With the emergence of fashion as selling force, there are more divisions…

Men’s Underwear – Briefs

There are many different types of underwear for men in both modern and classic styles. This wide array of men’s underwear includes boxer brief, bikini, trunk, and boxer.In many cases, it depends on where they are going and what they will be…

Textile Labelling Objective

The main objective of Textile Labelling are: 1.to protect consumers against misrepresentation in the labeling and advertising of textile fiber products 2.to enable consumers to choose textiles on the basis of fiber content

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