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Textile Labelling Objective

The main objective of Textile Labelling are: 1.to protect consumers against misrepresentation in the labeling and advertising of textile fiber products 2.to enable consumers to choose textiles on the basis of fiber content

Textile Product Labelling

The labeling of textile products harmonizes the names of textile fibers and other terms used in labeling or other documents accompanying these products, in order to ensure adequate information for consumers and to promote the development of…

Diamond and Diagonal Weaves

Diagonal weave are basically type of twill weaves confined to bold twills running at angles greater than 45°, although often regular 45° twills are spoken of as diagonals; regular diagonals are generally formed by combining two regular 45°…

Sea and Air Freight

Although most orders for garments are placed by buyers on FOB basis, with buyers to pay for freight at the shipping destination, it is still necessary for the shipper or the agent to know how to calculate sea freight and air freight as…

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