Rapier Weaving Machines

The rapier weaving machines are the most flexible machines on the market. Their application
the range covers a wide variety of fabric styles. Their present weaving speed of about 600-700
strokes/min is the result of the use of a state-of-the-art construction technique, characterized by
the use of gear sets without plays and by minimum vibrations of the reed, the slay and the heald

Rapier insertion system

The weft, which is under constant proper control, remains connected to the cloth as a consequence of the previous insertion (or it remains blocked under the temple in the other cases). At the right moment, the selection gear acts in a way, that the end of the weft is caught by the bearing rapier 1 mounted on a flexible tape or on a rod and at the same time is cut by shears on the selvedge side. The weft, after adequate braking, is transported to the center of the shed, where the bearing rapier meets the drawing rapier 2, which takes over the weft thread and, while holding it by its end, transports it back to the opposite side, where the rapier leaves it free, thus completing the insertion.

The weft exchange between the two rapiers in the middle of the shed can take place in two
different ways, that is:

  • negative system
  • positive system.

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