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Machine Embroidery Production Process

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Schiffli embroidery production process is a combination of art, technology and techniques

embroidery design sketch

Punching and Sampling

The sketch created by an embroidery designer is first enlarged by 6 times and traced manually, and the resulting drawing is posted on the digitizer of a special CAD system called gcomputer punching systemh. When the outlines of the shapes on the drawing are digitized by the use of a mouse, the system determines the locations of the stitching point by referring to pre-specified parameters such as stitch width, then translate them into machine interpretative pattern data which is output on to a floppy disk. This process is called gpunchingh which is an important element to determine the quality of embroidery. The data on the floppy is loaded into a sampling machine whose length ranges from 1 meter to 4 meters. The manufactured sample piece is shown to the customers for order.

embroidery on machine

Machine Embroidering (Production)

Once the order is placed, embroidering begins on a 15-yard production machine. The machine is a large one with 18-meter length, 4.5-meter height, and more than 1000 needles. Two pieces of base fabric are set vertically, one piece on the upper stage, the other on the lower. Thus two pieces of fabric, each with 13.7 meters length and 1.1-meter width can be embroidered at once. Since the introduction of computer numerical control, the positioning of the machine frame can be performed with higher speed and more accuracy.

embroidery mending

Inspection, Mending, Shearing, Finishing

The defects found upon close inspection will be mended by sewing machine. The floating thread is clipped by the shearing machine and sent to a dying factory to be finished.

Application of Embroidery

embroidery party dress
Party Dress

embroidery Formal Dress
Formal Dress

embroidery Lingerie and Foundation
Lingerie and Foundation

embroidery home furnishing fabric
home furnishing fabric

embroidery automobile furnishing fabric
automobile furnishing fabric

Embroidery Process Chart

Embroidery Process

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