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Schiffli Machine Embroidery

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Schiffli embroidery is produced by machines with several hundred needles placed horizontally one above the other.

Schiffli Embroidery

schiffli embroidery design on machine

Schiffli Embroidery is manufactured by applying machine embroidering with front yarn and back yarn on base cloth using the Schiffli Embroidery machine, which is 18 meters in length and equipped with 1,000 needles. The features that differentiate embroidery from other kinds of lace are its freedom of design and ability to create luxurious three-dimensional effects.

Variations of Embroidery

Embroidery is classified into several variations depending on production methods and materials used. Common varieties are:

  • Allovers
  • Guipires
  • Chemical
  • Automatic Color Change
  • Embroidery on Net

Common Embroidery Varieties

Allovers Embroidery

allovers embroidery
The stitching is performed on the fabric. The fabric remains on the final product.

Embroidery on Net

embroidery on net
The water-soluble fabric is lapped over the net, on which the stitching is performed. Later the water-soluble fabric is dissolved allowing the embroidered stitching and the net to remain.

Bored Embroidery

bored embroidery
The fabric is perforated by a special device called g-borers on the machine in addition to being stitched by needles.

Guipires Embroidery

Guipires embroidery
The stitching is performed on the water-soluble fabric which is dissolved afterward, allowing only the embroidered yarn to remain on the final product, thus laces of many styles can be duplicated on the embroidery machine.

Color Change Embroidery

Color Change Embroidery
Multi-color embroidery produced by a special type of machine called gColor Change Machineh, which enables the needles of different colors to work in turn.


  1. Virendra Maurya says

    what are the basic of digitzingschiffi embroidery in wilcom software

  2. RAHUL says

    how can i calculate schiffli work cost.

  3. Animesh Roy says

    How i will calculate prices / yards for laces & All over embroidery

    1. Rahul Narkar says

      Stitch cost and then calculate cost per meter

  4. Animesh Roy says

    How i will calculate thread consumption for schiffli all over embroider

    1. pritam says

      1.Cut 1 mtr embroidered allover fabric
      2.Then take a weight of embroidered fabric-1mtr length
      3.Then deduct weight of Plain fabric
      4.what remains is weight of yarn i.e grms/mtr

      1. Animesh Roy says


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