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The Sewport Fashion Design Scholarship for BAME Students

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The BAME scholarship program is meant for the black, Asian, and other minority groups from the BAME background. It’s essentially anyone who is not a Caucasian. The Sewport launched the Fashion Design Scholarship program for the BAME students after research showed that only 12% of the design managers and sectors business owners were from BAME backgrounds.

According to the Design Economic report, they give about £2,000 scholarships and cost-free manufacturing of their designs. The Sewport company seeks to connect the students from the BAME background with clothing manufacturers.


Boris Hodakel, the founder of this scholarship foundation, was inspired by the fact that diversity was lacking in the fashion industry. He discovered that individuals from the BAME backgrounds were missing in the industry and decided to head start. This was a great opportunity for the students in 2019, as they could easily submit their designs by scanning the sketch or photograph and submit.


This scholarship is open to fashion and design programs students with BAME backgrounds in the USA, EU, and the UK. You can either be in an undergraduate degree program or about to start your fashion and design career at the university.

The graduated, doctorate, or master’s students are not eligible for this scholarship program. The scholarship winner will prove to be a UK university or USA college student.

Application process

To be eligible, you must have a love for fashion and have at least designed a complete outfit. You will be required to take a photo of your complete outfit. You are not limited as to what kind of design you must have. You are entirely free to come up with your design.

The BAME scholarship program will allow you to upload up to two design sketches. You can take a photo of your sketches or scan them but make sure you get the best quality photo or scan. The same case applies to the photo of your completed outfit. Have them ready with you before you fill the application form online. If you have met the required criteria, you can proceed to fill the form provided on the Sewport website. You will fill in the following details:

  • Your name – start with your first name and end with your last name
  • Email address – it must be your current email address for ease of contact
  • Education institution – This is the institution you are currently enrolled in. If you are yet to join a college but have applied, indicate the institution you have been admitted to. Remember, eligibility is only for current undergraduate students.
  • Additional 700-word cover letter – think about something such as a personal statement defining your strengths, love for designs, past work, current designs, plans, and challenges.
  • Once you have written an attractive cover letter, upload your design photos, then click on the submit application icon to submit.

The cover letter should clearly state why you should be considered for the scholarship. That’s mainly how you plan to use the funds from the scholarship to advance your career if you win it. Only a maximum of two design sketches is allowed for attachments, and the quality should also be high. If you find it difficult to write a good cover letter, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a write my assignment service for professional help.

Why cover letter for Sewport scholarship application

Great academic scores are not the only thing needed in the fashion and design industry. There are extracurricular and social activities that the organization is interested to know about you. That’s why not always the best students win the award in most cases.

You have to clearly show how you have overcome your challenges over time and plan to be more effective with your design. It helps the Sewport community to understand the uniqueness of your abilities.

Writing a killing cover letter for Sewport scholarship

It’s easier for the students to get put off by the scholarships that require them to write a cover letter. As a fashion and design student, this shouldn’t be an issue. You can use your creativity to create a simple letter to convince the Sewport communities to win the award.

There are different things that you should indicate in your cover letter to win the award, and they include:

  • Conveying a clear structure
  • Write a detailed overview of yourself
  • Give details of your qualifications that will convince the scholarship committee that you deserve to be rewarded
  • Convince the team that you are interested in the scholarship and you are enthusiastic about it
  • Give a broken detail on how you intend to use the money
  • Express your plans for the fashion industry

Remember to edit your cover letter thoroughly to get rid of errors. Grammar flow will be very important in your cover letter and it must be original. Scan it for plagiarism and only submit it if you are certain it’s free from plagiarism. When you are clear about the structure, the scholarship committee might give you extra points due to neatness. As mentioned earlier, a good online custom essay writing service 24/7 should be your priority if you do not know how to write a cover letter or an admission essay.

Important dates to remember

The application for the scholarship opens on March 8th at 12:01 am and closes on April 8th at 11:59 pm. That means you must submit your application before midnight on April 8th.

Even if you have all the requirements ready with you, you cannot submit your application before March 8th. The independent panel of judges will go through every application from April 10th to April 22nd. If you are the winner of the scholarship, you will be notified through an email on May 1st.

The judging processes

The Sewport scholarship foundation has an independent panel of fashion experts who reviews the digital submissions made by students from the BAME background from the set date. Most submissions are mainly made through an email with all necessary attachments. The scholarship winner usually receives $2,600 to contribute to their fashion and design studies.

Their designs are also brought to life and shipped to the student for free. Newport offers a guarantee that none of the submitted designs gets exposed to a third party. But by applying and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the scholarship, you give the Sewport communities full credit to use the images for onsite uploads and social content.

Grab your opportunity now

The Sewport scholarship foundation gives you a rare opportunity to study design and bring your designs into reality. This is your chance to apply because you never know if you might be the winner. Just make sure you have all the requirements.

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