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Cost of fabric in Garment manufacturing

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Fabric Cost Details

Cost of Fibre or Yarn: The cost of the fiber will depend largely on its generic type – cotton, linen, wool, silk, rayon, nylon, polyester, polyester cotton blend etc, and also its quality. The Yarn cost will depend on the count of the yarn — finer the yarn, more expensive it will be. A number of fine filaments used in making the yarn will also affect the cost.

The relation between count and GSM: Count means the thickness of the fabric.The thinner the fabric the better the quality, therefore, the higher the cost and vice-versa. GSM (grams/sq mt) of the fabric. GSM is directly dependent on the EPI and PPI or construction of the fabric and is inversely proportional to the count of the yarn. The relation between GSM and cost is a little complex. For the same variety of the fabric, as the GSM increases the cost increases.When the yarn becomes very fine and there is a variation in picks per inch in the fabric, then the cost of spinning and weaving plays a more important role than the GSM and even when the GSM is similar, the cost of voile fabric with finer yarns and more picks per inch is more.

Weight of the fabric is the weight of warp and weft which can be calculated by the formula below:

Weight of warp in grams/sq mt of fabric = EPI x 0.6 / Count of Warp = A

Weight of weft in grams/sq mt of fabric = PPI x 0.6 / Count of Weft = B


Tabular Representation of GSM & Count

A. Single Jersey1. 30-150 -> 30’s
2. 160-170 -> 26’s
3. 180-200 -> 24’s (210)
4. 220-240 -> 20’s
B. P.K./Lacost/1×1 Rib1. 150-170 -> 34’s
2. 180-200 -> 30’s
3. 210-225 -> 26’s
4. 230-250 -> 24’s
5. 250-270 -> 20’s
C. 2×1 Rib1. 220-230 -> 30’s
2. 240-250 -> 26’s
3. 260-280 -> 24’s
D. Interlock  24 G  22 G
1. 40’s -> 220  200
2. 34’s -> 250  230
3. 30’s -> 260  240
4. 26’s -> 275  260
E. S/J with Lycra 5%1. 150-160 -> 34’s
2. 170-190 -> 30’s
3. 200-210 -> 26’s
4. 220-240 -> 24’s
F. Fleece1. 250 -> 20,30’s (Ratio 20:80)
2. 300 -> 10, 26’s (Ratio 30:70)


Req.F. GSMYarn (Basecvc/tc + LoopCotton)Grey G.S.M.From 30″(20GG)
or 40’s+10’s

Base 67.5% & Loop 32.5%

Yarn Price:Per Kg in USD
a. P/C or Carded yarn price same
b. CVC or Combed Yarn Price same
c. 5 cost need to add from20’s (as a standard count) for 4 count difference.

Knitting Charges

Type of FabricPer Kg in USD
Single Jersey – Solid dyed$ 0.17
Single Jersey- with 5%-10% Elastane, Solid dyed$0.63
Single Jersey- with 5%-10% Elastane, Y/D,Feeder stripe$0.88
Single Jersey- with 5%-10% Elastane, Y/D, Engstripe$2.35
Single Jersey – Yarn dyed, Feeder stripe$0.49
Single Jersey – Eng Stripe$2.16
Single Jersey – Single Mercerized, Solid dyed$0.18
Single Jersey – Double Mercerized- Solid dyed$0.18
Single Jersey – Single Mercerized – Engstripe$2.18
Single Jersey – Double Mercerized – Engstripe$2.24
Pique – Solid dyed$0.31
Pique – with 5% Elastane, Solid dyed$0.69
Pique – Yarn dyed, Feeder Stripe$0.59
Pique – with 5% Elastane, Yarn dyed, Feeder stripe$0.69
Pique – Eng Stripe$2.16
Pique – Single Mercerized, Solid dyed$0.34
Pique – Double Mercerized – Eng stripe$2.24
1X1 Rib – Solid dyed$0.31
1X1 Rib/ 2X2 Rib – Yarn dyed, Feeder stripe$0.69
1X1 Rib – with 5% Elastane, Solid dyed$0.69
2X2 Rib – Solid dyed$0.56
2X2 Rib – with 5% Elastane, Solid dyed$0.88
Variable/ Placement Rib – Solid dyed$0.74
Plain Interlock – Solid dyed$0. 41
Plain Interlock – Yarn Dyed$0. 47
Drop Needle Interlock – Solid dyed$0. 46
Jacquard/ interlock(design) – Solid dyed$0.74
Jacquard/ interlock(design) – SingleMercerized$0. 79
Jacquard/ interlock(design) – DoubleMercerized$0.81
Fleece Fabric (French Terry) – Solid dyed$0. 56
Fleece Fabric With Brush – Solid dyed$0.56
Fleece with Elastane (5%) – Solid dyed$0.69
Mini Waffle or Waffle – Solid dyed$0.65
Mélange (Wash Only) Single Jersey$0.16
Mélange (Wash Only) Pique$0.30
Mélange (Wash Only) 1X1 Rib$0.30
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