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Standard Good Practices Displaying Line Sample and Pattern

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Establishing good practices can significantly improve working conditions, increase workplace safety and raise productivity. The following are some simple good practices for the apparel industry. They are cost-efficient and easy to implement.

Displaying Line Sample and Pattern

Finished products should always meet the buyer’s quality and design specifications. One way to achieve this is to display a sample of the finished product on the production line. This helps workers to see what the finished product should look like and to understand what the design, dimensions, and quality of the finished product need to be.

Good practices for displaying line sample and pattern in sewing line

Display Line Samples

  • Display both a line sample and the buyer’s sample for reference.This helps workers (and buyers) to see what the end product will be (See figure).
  • Display the pattern on the production line.The pattern should include all product dimensions.
  • Put two or three samples at each station on the production line and denote what part of the pattern each employee is working on.

Benefits of good Display Line Samples

  • Reduces the risk of mistakes.
  • Workers can see exactly what the finished product should look like. This helps ensure consistent quality and production.
  • Easy for workers and supervisors to check measurements.
  • Helps when supervisors introduce new product lines
  • Workers better understand how their job relates to the finished product and are thus better motivated.


  • Use a plain whiteboard and draw the garment pattern on it.
  • Display a line sample and the buyer’s sample in the production line.
  • Ensure that workers understand what the pattern depicts.
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