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Essential elements of selection of a third party testing lab in apparel export

A definitive guide on selecting a third party laboratory for garment companies

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Apparel testing is essential before shipment to foreign countries like the US and EU. Selection of a suitable testing lab is required to get the right result. In order to achieve this, the lab has to equip themselves with equipment, calibration, proficiency testing, training etc. Such aspects have been critically reviewed in this paper.

Customer Service

For apparel manufacturers and retailers, having a trusted brand with loyal consumers making repeat purchases is essential to achieving success in the highly competitive fashion industry. In order to produce reliable, high-quality apparel products that savvy consumers expect, one needs a trusted quality partner.

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Third party testing laboratory offers apparel Total Quality Assurance services for all categories of clothing, footwear, sleepwear, outerwear, hosiery, leather goods, accessories and more, including:

  1. Textile Testing

    In a competitive industry full of complex regulations, it is imperative for manufacturers, retailers, importers and distributors to proactively evaluate textiles to ensure they are producing the highest quality apparel from the ground up for demanding consumers.  Ensuring textile quality and composition from the start results in long-wearing apparel that stands the test of time.

  2. Protective Apparel Testing

    Designed to protect wearers from physical, chemical and environmental hazards, PPE apparel items such as clothing, helmets, shin guards, work boots and gloves are required to comply with rigorous safety and performance specifications.

  3. Footwear Testing

    With thousands of choices available, footwear needs to not only be stylish but also consistently well-made and free of hazardous substances to foster consumer brand loyalty. Third party testing labs are strategically located to test all materials and components of footwear, regardless of where the product is sourced.

  4. Leather goods Testing

    Consumers who purchase leather goods are willing to pay a premium for apparel items made from this material known for quality and durability – making it necessary to ensure all leather belts, shoes, gloves and outerwear are genuine, free of hazardous chemicals and tested to withstand everyday use.

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