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Establishing a Library

Factories with motivated and productive workers often outperform competitors.Establishing a library for the benefit of workers is an excellent way for a factory to demonstrate that it cares about its staff and to build goodwill in the community.

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Good practices for store organization

Provide chairs and tables for workers to sit and read in the library


  • Establish a borrowing system by recording the names of workers who borrow books to read at home (Figure 2).
  • Encourage workers to donate their own books or magazines.
  • Make sure workers can read and write. If they cannot, provide information about a local instruction program.
  • Ensure that all workers have equal access to use the library.

Benefits of establishing a good Library

Library Practices

  • Presents a positive image of the factory to buyers and the community.
  • May increase sales to buyers who value social responsibility.
  • Builds goodwill between the factory and workers.
  • Better educated workforce onlinecasinogo.
  • The library can be used to host a literacy program.

How to establish a good Library

  • Identify a suitable location for a library. Space should be on the factory premises and in a quiet location.
  • Contact NGOs for books and possible funding.
  • The budget for book renewal.
  • Interested workers can use their free time to take responsibility for the library. A team can be created to develop the library.
  • Ask workers what kind of books they want to be supplied. Presents a positive image of the factory to buyers and the community.

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