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Quality and Uses of Stitch Types

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Measurement of stitching quality

The operation of sewing product must meet certain degrees in terms of quality, for each of these three areas: –

  • Styles, dimensions for emotional appeal.
  • Utility, dimensions for function.
  • Durability,dimensions for the life & utility aspects.

Stitching Quality is measured with

  1. Stitch size
    • Stitch length- Distance from one stitch juncture to the next successive stitch juncture in the sewing line.
    • Stitch width- Distance between the outermost stitch juncture or distance between the outermost edges of the lateral thread placement.
    • Stitch depth- Distance between the upper and lower surfaces of the stitch.
  2. Stitch tension
  3. Stitch sequence
  4. Elongation
  5. Elasticity
  6. Resilience
  7. Fabric distortion
  8. Yarn severance
  9. Abrasive strength

Stitch Formation and its Uses

Stitch TypeNo.FormationCharacteristicsApplication
Single thread chain stitches101One needle thread intralooping with itselfelastic, easy to unravelbasting, buton sewing, label setting, back closing , tacking
103use a curve needle to penetrate the fabric surface but stitich does not show on the faceinvisible on garment surfacehemming of pants and skirts
Hand stitches200Done by hand with one needle threadFlexible useBasting on tailored jackets
Lock Stitches301interlacing of needle thread and bobbin threadreversible, strong, versatile, secure,neat flat but not stretchabletop stitching, common seam sewing
304similar to 301 but in a zigzag patternsimilar to 301 but stretchableattaching elastic/lace to lingerie decoration
Multithread chain stitches401one needle thread and one looper thread, interlooped and interlaced togethercontinuous running, strong, duarable, extensible, thick and can be unravelledwaist bands, inseam of jeans, side seam/sleeve seam of shirts, rainwear
402a looper thread travels betwen two needle threads on the underside of the fabric and form a ridgefor stimulative effectstimulate permanant crease on the knitted pants and cording backs of gloves
402similar to 401 but zigzag patternhigher elasticity than 401attach waist band lining to men’s trousers
406similar to 402 but does not ridge upconcealed raw edges on the underside to produce a flat and comfortable seamcover seaming, sewing belt loops,binding and attaching elastic to underwear,hemming t-shirts and sportswear
407similar to 406 but with 3 needle threads and one looper threadhigh elasticity , stronger and better coverage effectsattaching elastics to briefs, panties and undergarments
Overedge Stitch501one needle thread interlooping itself warps and protects the edgeealstic , allow the seam to break open, easily unravelledbreak open seaming
502formed by 1 needle thread and 1 looper threadStronger than 501bag seaming
503similar to 502 but the needle thread interlocks with the looper threads on the edge of the pliesbetter edge coverage than 501 and 502, highly elasticthin surging on thread,blind hemming on T-shirts
504one needle and 2 looper threads interlock on the edge of the plieshigher extensible, tighter structure, prevent fraying but bulky and easily runbackpopular serging and seaming of knit garments
514formed by 2 needle thread and 2 looper threadsproduce a wider bright than 504, strnger and more elasticstrong seaming of knits and woven fabrics
Cover stitch602similar to 406 but it has a covering thread on the top surfaceprovide excellent top and bottom cover and flat seamattaching knit collar on kint garments
605similar to 407 but it has a covering thread on the top surfacebetter coverage than 602cut edge bining , elastic attaching
607similar to 605 but it has 4 needle threads, 1 cover and 1 looper threadflat, stretchy and smooth trims and seams simultaneouslyflat, butted seams on breifs and panties
Combinatin401.504combines stitch types 401 and 5045 thread safety overedging, serging and seaming simultaneouslyside seaming of shirtings
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