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Types of textile fibers – list of textile fibers by its sources

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Fiber is a fine hair-like structure and is considered the raw materials of textiles. The fiber is extracted from various sources for commercial use. In addition to obtaining from animals, plants, and minerals, many of the fibers are artificially generated as well. Here is a list of most commonly used textile fibers.

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Mineral Fibers

  1. Asbestos Fiber

    Asbestos is a mineral. It is a natural rock mined from the ground. Asbestos fibers are very light. Asbestos was used in a variety of residential and commercial building products including floor tile; ceiling tile; sound and thermal insulation; siding; roofing; spackling; plaster and stucco; and paints.

    Types of Asbestos:

    • Chrysotile/ white asbestos
    • Amosite/ brown asbestos
    • Crocidolite/ blue asbestos
  2. Glass/Fiberglass Fiber

    Fiberglass-FabricGlass melts are made by fusing (co-melting) silica with minerals, which contain the oxides needed to form a given composition. The molten mass is rapidly cooled to prevent crystallization and formed into glass fibers by a process also known as fiberization.

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