Fusing Quality Control in Garment Manufacturing

Since fusing is a crucial process in garment manufacturing, it is not completely without risk. For this reason, it is necessary to follow, aside from regular maintenance, a few important rules to secure fusing quality.

Control and Securing of Fusing Quality

  • For each fabric, the most suitable interlining should be selected, possibly with the assistance of the interlining supplier.
  • New fabrics should be pre-tested, including dry-cleaning or wash test, to find out the optimum fusing conditions.
  • The fusing equipment must daily be checked for the basic functions, particularly for temperature accuracy.
  • The pressure system must daily be checked by fusing several samples over the working width and testing the evenness of bond strength.
  • The test results should be recorded in a journal, in order to check back in later on fusing problems come up.

Requirements for Perfect Fusing

Fusing should be perfect:

  • with no damage to the fabric,
  • without deformation,
  • with sufficient bond strength,
  • also in day-to-day practice,
  • also in foreign production,
  • productive and cost-effective.