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Quality Characterisation of Apparel

Introducing 2nd edition of the book Quality Characterisation of Apparel

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Quality characterization of apparel is the 2nd edition of the book that entails dimensional and colour fastness properties, durability and surface appearance of apparels along with mandatory regulation on flammability, fibre composition and care labels. Safety issues for different accessories in children garment and safety review of typical garments have been thoroughly covered in this book. The first edition of the book was published in the year 2009.

The novelty of the book is the way the topics are arranged on an actual practical way in which apparel manufacturing units, buying offices, and retailers are facing day-to-day challenges in different activities in their business. This will help the apparel business community to avoid quality-related surprises and cut down rejections. The book would be of immense use for textile/garment manufacturers, buying offices, retailers and the educational cluster of apparel/fashion.

The apparel industry has had a long history of producing different merchandise products in accordance with the necessity of various classes of consumers and the nature of their utilization.

Due to these various quality parameters have been evaluated and benchmarked by following international standard norms to match the performance requirements of different apparel products. This book is then a distillation of these collective efforts and hopefully, a concise document of wisdom inculcated over the years in the evaluation of the quality of apparel.

The book is aimed at textile and apparel industry professionals, retailers, factory heads, buying offices and students intending to join the industry in the areas of quality assurance.  In order to produce and deliver better quality products to the customer adherence to the appropriate specification, standard, law and regulation applicable for the merchandise are important.

Book Title: Quality Characterisation of Apparel (2nd Ed.)
Author:  Dr. Subrata Das
ISBN: 9789388320108
Publishing Year: 2019
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Thus, the emphasis throughout the book is on standard and mandatory regulatory test methods. Many of the apparel merchandise benchmarked are intended to evaluate the same property but specification and regulation may vary because of their different export destinations. It is worthwhile to mention that when referring to any tests and regulations to consult an up-to-date version of the relevant document.

This is because the actual standard contains the detail information, which is not possible to cover in a book of this nature, and furthermore, international standards and regulations are constantly being revised and updated due to the change of performance expectations and better consumer protection.

Safety of children’s apparel has been given more importance in quality during recent years by the apparel retailers in the globe but is the least discussed subject available in the published literature. The commitment towards this important aspect of quality is expected from the apparel manufacturers to supply and meet the requirement of global retailers.

Failure to focus on the necessary safety issues results in a product recall. Thus, the book covers the use of different accessories, which can be attached in children’s apparel with the associated safety review product evaluation and, regulatory approaches.

The first edition of the book was published in the year 2009. Since then a lot of changes happened in the apparel industry. Keeping in view of the recent fashion trend and the feedback received from the global readers, two new chapters have been added to the second edition of the book. The revision has also been incorporated in the existing chapters. In recent days, denim fabrics are the most favorite choices for the fashion world to produce innovative products. The reason being different washing treatments to develop a various aesthetic look and fantastic feel. But such treatment changes physical and chemical characters of the original denim fabric.

So, in the newly introduced chapter, varieties of washed denim fabrics are characterized to understand changes happened to their properties.   Apart from denim fabrics, the use of different types of leather hides is gaining popularity in the apparel sector along with special finishes to make the product enchanting to the end-users. Thus, quality characterization of different finished leather and performance requirements of different leather and suede garments have been added to the second edition of the book for wider coverage of the area of quality characterization of apparels.

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