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Importance of a cutting room in garment manufacturing

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Where large quantities of a garment style must be cut, a layer is created which consists of many piles of fabric spread one above the other. From this, all the garment pieces for all the sizes that have been planned for that layer are cut. The pattern shapes for these garments may be drawn on a paper marker placed on top of the lay, or information as to their shape and position may be held within a computer, to be plotted similarly on a paper marker or used to drive an automatic cutter.

What is the importance of a cutting room?

Cutting room is an extremely important section of the garment manufacturing process which has a major impact on the profitability of the business. Following are the few reasons which describe the importance of the efficient management of the cutting room in garment manufacturing process:

  • The cutting room is the feeding point to the factory has a massive impact on all the further processes of garment manufacturing i.e. sewing, finishing etc.
  • Efficient and well-planned operations in cutting room ensure smooth flow of work to all further processes and can definitely lift up the utilization of the available resources.
  • Cutting room controls the utilization of fabric which is the biggest contributor to the cost of any garment. Even small wastage or saving of the fabric will have a huge effect on the margins of the orders.
  • Cutting being the first operation of garment manufacturing lays the foundation of quality of the garment to be made. Any imperfection in cutting process can result in non-conformance of the quality standards of all further processes.

Cutting Process Flow Chart

Cutting Process Flow ChartCutting Process Flow Chart

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