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Textile Knit Yarn Production System, common faults and their remedies

Textile knot yarn production, Faults, and remedies, Uniformity ratio, Micronnaire and maturity, Fiber maturity

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Knit Yarn Production System

In the present time, knit yarn occupied a big market, so every spinning mill has some tendency to produce knit yarn. So, to produce knit yarn, the following arrangements are necessary:

  • Continuous electric supply source I.e. generator needed
  • Working environment be comfortable I.e. humidity of plants is needed
  • Quality control department should be well equipped.
  • Schedule of machine maintenance must be maintained properly & carefully.
  • Overall cleaning efficiency must be adequate.
  • Relative humidity in different section given below:
    Blow room50-55%
    Drawframe, combing, fly-frame or simples frame50 -55%
    Ring frame50-60%

Major Yarn Faults and Remedies

Yarn faultsRemedies
Thick & thin placesClean the sliver and yarn delivery passage
SlabUndrafted sliver, to increase back zone draft, clean all covers of delivery passage.
HairinessTo follow up ring traveler change schedule
NapsProper cleaning of Card frame
Color ContaminationDuring mixing, supervision must be strict. To set a contamination meter in conveyor lattice or finishing m/cs

Uniformity Ratio

Uniformity Ratio is defined as the ratio of 50% of span length to 2.5 % span length expressed as a percentage. This ratio is a measure of the length
variability of the cotton. The ratings for uniformity ratio are as follows:

  • 50% —> Good
  • 45% —> Average
  • 43% —> Poor


Micronnaire and Maturity

The ratings of the micronnaire and maturity values given below can be used as a guideline


Fiber Strength

The tenacity of the cotton obtained at 3mm gauge length can be rated on the following basis:

RatingPresley/1000 lb. sq. in)Steloeter/(g/tex)

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