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Blue denim Fabric in Technical/Non-Technical Applications

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Denim fabrics are well known for their applications in apparel however they have viable applications in technical and non-technical sectors as well.

It appears that denim will continue to have a cult following, depending on various technical, social and economic parameters. However, it is necessary to change denim production and consumption habits in order to achieve and maintain a sustainable life globally. From this point of view, the adoption of a slow fashion concept that incorporates and ecological evaluation of denim will be beneficial.

The circle of production-consumption–recycling can be carried out by social projects. The utilisation of old denim garments to produce non-apparel denim articles will be more economical and offers the potential to develop new market niches. If denim fabrics are used directly for non-apparel denim applications, especially in-home/interior textiles, their market share should increase considerably.

Denim uses for non-apparel applications

  • Living rooms

    Curtains, upholstery, furniture, ornaments, wall coverings, mattresses, cushions, lampshades, seat covers, separators, kilims, rugs, mats, doorstops

  • Dining Rooms

    Curtains, window valances, upholstery, furniture, ornaments, tablemats, wallcoverings, lampshades, separators, tablecloths, runners, napkins, rugs, mats, kilims, bed hangings, doorstops

  • Bedrooms

    Curtains, bedcovers, headboards/footboards, wallcoverings, bed linens, duvet covers, bed sheets, quilts, pillows, bed skirts, lampshades, ornaments, rugs, mats, mattresses, kilims, wardrobes, doorstops

  • Kitchens

    Curtains, aprons, oven gloves, potholders, tablemats, table skirts, runners, sacks, kilims, rugs, mats, tablecloths, organizers, ornaments, refrigerator covers, coasters, doorstops

  • Baby/children’s rooms, toys and nurseries

    Curtains, bed coverings, headboards/footboards, wallcoverings, ornaments, quilts, pillows, bed skirts, rugs, mats, doorstops, accessories, mummy bags, baby strollers, baby carriages, organizers, diaper covers, baby-soft bibs, crib bedding sets. etc.

  • Accessories for personal use

    Shoes, slippers, bags, neckties, bow ties, scarves, shawls, stoles, luggage, wallets, suitcases, saddlebags, umbrellas, straps, beach bags, belts, necklace, bracelets, rings, hats, earflaps, headphones, backpacks, notebook covers, mobile phone/notebook/laptop cases, straps, cardholders, schoolbags, organizers, masks, etc.

  • Souvenirs and special occasions

    Giftwrap, gift boxes, holiday stockings, holiday decorations, wedding accessories, ornaments

  • Office furniture and accessories

    Wallcoverings, chairs, sofas, armchairs, storage baskets, file covers, ornaments, organizers, coasters, mobile phone/notebook/laptop cases

  • Pets and animal clothes and accessories

    Nests, cast/dog beds, dog/cat collars, clothes, straps, horse blankets, etc.

  • Outdoor and camping

    Garden furniture, mattresses, tents, parasols, sleeping bags, can/bottle coolers, hammocks, surfboard covers

  • Automotive, marine and transportation textiles

    Seat covers, helmets, caps, yacht/boat furniture, curtains, etc.

  • Technical textiles

    Industries clothes, insulation

  • Denim wastes for industries purposes

    Thermal insulation, vehicle noise insulation, acoustical automotive padding

  • Artwork

    Indoor and outdoor exhibition, interior and exterior design

Novel approaches for denim production

  • New approaches to design

    Life cycle assessment (LCA), design for sustainability (D4S), design for environment (DfE), ecodesign, carbon/water/ecological footprint, eco-index, Biomimetic organic fibres, upcycle, recycle

  • Innovative processes

    Environmentally friendly indigo dyeing, ecological chemicals and auxiliaries, sulphur-free dyeing, electrochemical beaching, electrochemical dyeing, enzymatic and ultrasonic processes, ozone, laser, etc.

  • Finishing

    Smooth and refined denim finishes, destroyed coating treatments, thick resin coatings, pastel and pearlescent finishes, plastic shine, functional finishings, non-formaldehyde resins, self-cleaning finishings, nano-finishings, phase-change materials, microencapsulation and nanoencapsulation, etc.

  • Fibres and yarns

    Hemp denim, linen/cotton, silk denim, acrylic/cotton, stretch denim with Tencel blends, denim/cupro blends, wefts made from recycled coloured plastic bottles, super stretchy metallic yarns, dual-core yarns, nappy imperfections with various effects, multicolour naps

  • Fabrics

    High stretch denim, stretch jeggings, rigid stretch, coloured weft, Jacquard weaving, double-faced fabrics, compact fabrics, selvedge denim, Honeycomb and herringbone constructions, broken twill variations, strong white weft, etc.

  • Performance

    Soil/stain releasing, flame retardant, arc protective, antistatic, high abrasion resistance, temperature regulating, antibacterial, colour changing, etc.

  • Print

    Indigodischarge print, digital print, lace print denim, Jacquard patterns, geometric and floral design,s

  • Appearance

    Authentic looks, sculptural/moulded/relief and polished looks, shiny looks, three-dimensional weaves, waffle appearances, jersey look indigo or indigo look knits, cord-like surfaces, deeply ridged textures, clean looking denim, denim looking with digital printing

  • Interesting developments in denim

    While developing innovative denim fabrics with different surface effects, losing the characteristics of denim should be avoided, as the loss of these unique properties will cause changes in the typical denim appearance, which would render denim nothing more than an indigo coloured fabric. With that in mind, however, it is predicted that wool, silk, hemp, linen, polyester, polyamide and Tencel denim blends

Jacquard Carpet with Denim looks

Denim Armchairs

Denim Lamps/Shades

Denim Pillows


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