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Entrance Gate of a Garment Factory

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Visitors and workers see the factory entrance first, which is an opportunity to send a strong positive signal about the quality and work of the factory. A neat and tidy entrance creates a positive first impression, while an entrance which is dirty or disorganized reflects poorly on it. A factory which has a clean, tidy and secure entrance demonstrates a commitment to quality, productivity, and sound working conditions.

Good Practices for Factory Main Entrance

  • Clearly display the factory name and logo (Figure 1).Factory Entrance Practices
  • Make sure that the entrance to the factory is clean and tidy (Figure 2).
  • Repaint old or flaking paintwork.
  • Make sure that security guards are trained in the correct procedures for allowing workers and visitors to enter the factory.
  • Use clear signage to help visitors and workers navigate around the factory.This also indicates that the factory is well organized (Figure 3).Factory Entrance Practices
  • Inform workers of the factory’s expectations regarding behavior around the factory entrance.

Benefits of good practices for Factory Main Entrance

  • Sends a positive signal to visitors, buyers, and workers.Factory Entrance PRactices
  • Indicates an attitude of responsibility and attention to detail.
  • Indicates that the company values productivity and good working conditions.

How to have good Factory Main Entrance

  • Review the quality of the entrance to the factory by asking visitors.
  • Install appropriate signage or replace old or out of date signs.
  • Put someone in charge of maintaining the front area.
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