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Special Garment Finishes

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There are finishes done on garments such as Permanent Press Finish particularly on pants for center crease of the pants to stay crisp and make them look fresh and neat.

Permanent Press Finish

Permanent Press Finish (P.P.Finish) is generally done on TC fabrics; particularly those for making pants because you would like the center crease of the pants to stay crisp make them look fresh and neat. P.P.Finish can be handled in two different ways as follows:

  • Pre-Curing
  • Post-Curing


“Pre-curing” means all the treatment of the fabric are to be completed before the fabric is supplied to the garment manufacturer for production. If your garment t factory does not have the oven baking equipment to bake the cut piece of the garment, you should order pre-cure fabric from the fabric mill. This fabric, when received by you, is already treated with resin and baked for the permanent press effect. You just process the fabric as any ordinary fabric for garment making and the garment will have the permanent press effect. However, if the garment is a pair of pants the center crease of the legs will not stay crisp well because it is put on after the oven baking process is done. Therefore, we may say a pair of permanent press pants made this way is not done properly something is missing and perfection not attained.

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If you wish to make Permanent Press pants with perfect Permanent Press effect, you should order the TC fabric from a dying /finishing mill “Post cured”. In that case, the mill will supply youth fabric treated with a chemical (resin) but with last process “baking: not done, leaving it for you to do after cutting.

After the fabric is cut before sewing operations, you should press the cut pieces to leave a crease where you want the crease to stay permanently. Generally, you would do that on the center crease of the pants. When pressing is done, you get all the cut pieces through the oven to let the heat finish off the last process to produce the permanent press effect. When the pants are finally finished, the center crease so made should stay on the pant permanently. Please note pot cured fabric must be finished off by oven baking otherwise; permanent press effect will not be achieved.

The post-cured fabric is usually those for making dress pant-type of pants, not for jackets or shirts where you do not need neat creases to stay fresh. In fact, nowadays most TC you order are pre-cured because most garment factories today are not equipped with the baking oven to handle post cured fabrics. However, when you order TC permanent press fabrics, you really should make sure with the mill that you are getting what you plan to have.

Skewing Finish

All denim fabrics must go through a process of skewing. The process means an operation done by machine to make the weft threads in the fabric skewed against the perpendicular warp threads. This process is necessary on all fabrics to twill weave to ensure the finished garment when washed will not twist. Twisting would take on twill fabrics, but if it is solid color twill, the skewing process is taken care of when the fabric goes through the dying process. Denim and any yarn dyed twill do not have to go through a dying process after being woven and therefore must go through a dying process after being woven and therefore must go through the skewing process.

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