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Schiffli embroidery – start stitching

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Start stitching embroidery designs on Schiffli embroidery machines

How to Start Stitching

The putting the fabric, the frame has to be moved into horizontal zero (0) positions and moved downwards until the distance between length-tension bar and needles is about 3 cm. If you run designs with cutting at the beginning of the design on machines with automatic cutting device leave a gap of 6 cm (for machines with length-tension bars only).

Before embroidering at full speed it is recommended to manually start embroidering with approximately 10 stitches in order to avoid errors in the pattern. Control whether all yarns have been embroidered.

If there are irregularities check the shuttles once again and thread the yarn properly. Tear off the loose thread ends or cut them (when using delicate fabrics) with blunt pointed scissors (avoids damaging the fabric) in order to avoid stitching on top of them. It is necessary to adjust the thread tension, especially when using new materials.

stitching tension

Shuttle yarn should not be visible on the front side of the fabric. In order to avoid shuttle yarn coming to the front, adjust front yarn tensions looser and shuttle yarn tension tighter.

How to check Tension

Stop the machine, go to the back of the machine, open the shuttle box and check tension at the flat stitches where tension is best visible. Amount of shuttle yarn visible on the back should be low.

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