How to do the winding calcutaions is described here .And also the objective of winding is specified.

In this page

  1. Winding Calculation
  2. Winding Requirements
  3. Objectives of Winding

Winding Calculation

Slub – catcher settings:

  1. Fixed Blade = Carded - (2.0 to 2.5) x Diameter
    Combed - (1.5 to 2.0) x Diameterb.
  2. Oscillating Blade = Smooth micro-set - 25% more than above
  3. Serrated Blade = 100% more than the aboved.
  4. Electronic yarn clearer = 3 cm x 3 Diameter
Winding Formula
For Blended yarn = 10 to 15% more settings

Yarn clearer efficiency = 100 present (Faults removed )/(Faults Present)*100

Knot factor = (Total Breaks during winding(at faults))/No of Breaks due to objectional faults

Retained splice strength = Strength of spliced joint * 100 /Strength of parent yarn

Winding Tension = 0.1 x Single strength in grams

Optimum spindles / winder N = (4.8 * Y)/S OR

Expected efficiency E = 4500 * Y / (S * N(12 + 98))

Expected production P = (13 Y/(12+98) * C)/winder per 8 hrs in kg

Y = Length / Bobbin (meters.) B = breaks per bobbin
S = Winding speed (meters./min) C = English count

Winding Requirements

  • Minimum fault: During winding always should be observed if yam fault become less. (To minimize the yam faults).
  • No damage of yarn: There is a dame of yarn i.e. the yarn must not be damaged in any way in the winding process.
  • Easy unwinding: Yarn to be wound so that it can be unwound easily.
  • Suitable size and shape of the package: Size and shape should be proper.
  • Economical condition: The package size should be controlled the particular economic requirements.
  • Avoid excess loosened and tightness: Should be taken care.
  • Cheap cost of package: The package should be cheap. Above all the process must be profitable.

Objectives of Winding

Elimination of disturbing yarn fault such as long thick places, long thin places, short thin places and short thick places.

  • To get the continuous length of yarn on cones for weaving process.
  • To wax the yarn during the winding process.
  • To get high efficiency of machine, that is high production level.