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Textile Design in Apparel Making

The design is an arrangement of part, form, color, fabric, and line. For example, to create a version of a style. This definition is applicable for apparel or clothing. In general, the design is arrangement putting out creative ideas on…

Costing of Men’s Shirts

In order to achieve perfect garment costing, one must know about all the activities including purchase of fabrics, sewing, packing, transport, overheads, etc and also about their costs, procedures, advantages and risk factor. There are two…

Apparel Manufacturing Process

A product or manufacturing specification should be used to test against when evaluating to check whether the product is correctly made. The manufacturing specification provides all the detailed information required to make the product.

Garment Sampling

Garment samples are inevitably important and are developed tested before starting the bulk production. It means making a sample of the garment /fabric which requires to be sold. Sampling is one of the main process in Garment Industry and it…

Garment Costing

Costing is a very complex procedure, with set patterns and guidelines followed by the industry, and it is difficult to find out costs for every process there are some inbuilt costs while costing.Garment costing includes all the activities…

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