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Energy consumption of chosen spinning mill

In order to obtain the necessary information about energy consumption of a specific spinning mill, one which is able to spin every kind of staple fiber (i.e. cotton, linen, polyester, viscose) in a wide count range using both ring and open-end systems to be chosen.

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Accumulating the power consumption data

In order to obtain the necessary information about energy consumption of a specific spinning mill, one which is able to spin every kind of staple fiber (i.e. cotton, linen, polyester, viscose) in a wide count range using both ring and open-end systems were chosen. This spinning mill included not only machines used for manufacturing (blowing room, carding, combing, drawing, roving, spinning, winding), but also included 5 air conditioning systems, 2 compressors and 2555 lamps for illumination. Besides this, the chosen spinning mill used only electrical energy.

Energy consumption on various machines

The unit power needed for corresponding machines in production line and power for the air conditioning system, compressors and lamps can be seen in Table. Installed power is a power needed for each equipment if there is no energy loss; the actual power was calculated taking into consideration energy loss or energy efficiency. The total installed and actual power needed for each equipment given in the table was obtained by multiplying the number of machines with the unit power required. The subtotal of each equipment group is also shown, i.e. subtotal of actual power necessary for carding machines is 229.5 kW. In addition, the last column of the table shows the share of actual power required for each equipment group in the total actual power consumption, i.e. carding machines form 9.44% of the total actual power consumption. The amount of total actual power in the chosen spinning mill was determined as 2432.8 kW in which machines, air conditioning, compressors, and illumination were included and the machines consumed energy which formed 78% of the total energy consumption alone.

Equipment TypeNumber of machinesFor unit machineFor totalShare of each in otal actual power, %
Installed power,kWActual power, kWInstalled power,kWActual power, kW
Blow Room (Cot-Linen Line)136.0022.0036.0022.008.10
Blow Room (Automatic)164.0042.0064.0042.00
Blow Room (Manuel1)616.308.0097,7548.00
Blow Room (Manuel2)37.154.0021,4512.00
Blow Room (Poly/vis)426.1010.75104,5043.00
Vertical Opener59.406.0047.0030.00
SUB TOTAL158.9592.75370,70197.00
Carding M. (Saco-Lowell)54.003.3020.0016.509.44
Carding M.(C10)813.258.50106.0068.00
Carding M.(Rieter)1020.7014.50207.00145.00
SUB TOTAL37.9526.30333.00229.50
Drawing Machines1410.007.50140.00105.004.30
Combing Machines46.535.5026.1222.000.90
Lap Machine113.0011.0013.0011.000.45
Roving Machines1217.3011.40207.50136.805.60
Ring Spinning Machines3340.0034.001320.00700.0028.80
Ring Traveler Robots100.4970.304.973.000.10
Open-end Spinning Machines 1581.6060.00408.00300.0015.10
Open-end Spinning Machines 21100.0067.50100.0067.50
Winding Machine 1015.5013.50155.00135.005.60
SUBTOTAL OF MACHINES3078.291906.8078.40
Compressor 1158.0040.0058.0040.002.63
Compressor 2145.0024.0045.0024.00
SUBTOTAL OF COMPRESSORS103.0064.00103.0064.00
Air Conditioning System 11110.0055.00110.0055.0016.00
Air Conditioning System 21147.1091.00147.1091.00
Air Conditioning System 31147.10116.00147.10116.00
Air Conditioning System 41126.0073.00126.0073.00
Air Conditioning System 5181.5055.0081.5055.00
SUBTOTAL OF AIR CONDITIONING611.70390.00611.70390.00

Energy consumption for a chosen spinning mill in May

The chosen spinning mill operated in 3 shifts a day which consisted of 8 hours and also works 25 days a month. Considering the monthly operating time and number of machines, the monthly (May) energy consumption of the chosen spinning mill was calculated and all the data are shown in the following table. The actual total monthly energy consumption of the spinning mill was 1459680 kWh/month in May as shown. 78.4% of this energy was consumed by the machines, see Figure 1.a and 37% of the monthly energy consumed by the machines was due to the ring spinning machines (Figure 1.b).

power consumption by spinning machines

In order to determine the unit energy consumption of unit yarn mass which is known as specific energy consumption, the monthly energy consumption of the investigated mill was divided by monthly production quantity and the variation obtained is demonstrated in Figure. The amount of specific energy consumption changed between 3.23 and 3.76 kWh/kg in the chosen mill among the selected months. These values were the average which changed depending on the yarn properties.

power consumption by spinning machines during the year

Equipment TypeHourly energy consumption, kWhDaily energy consumption, kWhMonthly energy consumption, kWh
Blow Room (Cot-Linen Line)22528.013200
Blow Room (Automatic)421008.025200
Blow Room (Manuel1)481152.028800
Blow Room (Manuel2)12288.07200
Blow Room (Poly/vis)431032.025800
Vertical Opener30720.018000
SUB TOTAL1974728.0118200
Carding M.(Sacolowell)16.5396.09900
Carding M.(C10)681632.040800
Carding M.(Rieter)1453480.087000
SUB TOTAL229.55508.0137700
Drawing Machines1052520.063000
Combing + Lap Machines33792.019800
Roving Machines136.83283.282080
Ring Spinning Machines + Robots70316872.0421800
Open-end Spinning Machines367.58820.0220500
Winding Machines1353240.081000
MACHINE TOTAL1906.845763.21144080
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