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Objectives of carding

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Objectives of carding, main actions of carding machine, Useful sliver hanks of different counts and wastage in carding.

Objectives of carding

  • To open the tuft of fibers
  • To make the fiber parallel & straight
  • To remove remaining trash particles
  • To remove short fibers
  • To remove naps
  • To produce a rove like fiber called silver, which is uniform in per unit length

Main actions of the carding machine

  • Action between fee roller & taker in
  • Action between taker in and cylinder
  • Action between the cylinder and flat
  • Action between cylinder and doffer

Useful sliver hanks of different counts:

Description Counts
Count of yarns 10s 20s 32s 40s 60s 80s
Hank of carded sliver 0.125 0.125 0.13 0.135 0.145 0.165

Wastage in carding:

  • Taker in waste
  • Flat strip
  • Motes &flies
  • Sliver cut
  • Filter waste
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