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Objectives of blow room in yarn spinning

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objectives, actions of blow room, wastage and faults in blow room, types of beater in blow room

Objectives of blow room

  1. To open the compressed bales of fibers
  2. Remove dirt and dust, broken leaf, seed particles or any other foreign impurities from the fibers
  3. To transfer the opened and cleaned fibers into a sheet form of definite width uniform weight per unit length which is called lap.
  4. To roll the lap of predetermined length into a cylindrical shape around a lap pin.
  5. To transfer the lap from the lap pin to a lap rod to a suitable and feed it to the subsequent m/c (carding).

The action of blow room line

  • The action of opposing spikes
  • The action of air currents
  • Action of beaters
  • Regulating action

Wastage in blow room

  • Dropping
  • Dust
  • Filter waste

Faults in blow room

  • Irregular lap
  • Knocking off before completion of full lap
  • Rough appearance of a full lap
  • Lap sheet thicker at one side than the other
  • Soft lap
  • Lap licking
  • Dropping under beater & grid bars
  • Formation of conical lap
  • Formation of split lap
  • Barrel-shaped lap
  • Ragged lap selvedges

Types of the beater in blow room

  • Porcupine beater
  • Bladed beater
  • Krishner beater

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