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Different Technological Methodologies Used in Garment Industry

Apparel Manufacutring technological advancements adopted by different countries

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In this article technologies adopted for production preparatory process, production process and post-production process used in the garment manufacturing industry and the level of technology that is used for each process commonly used by different countries viz. India, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.


This research paper is all about the apparel industries of the different countries which are India, China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Bangladesh in detail while reflecting the importance and the impact of technology had on the particular industry right from the Industrial Revolution till this date. This research paper goes to an extent where one can get an idea about the boons and banes about the technological advancements with their disadvantages and how is it leading to job cuts and the other downsides while it also helps to understand the different types of methodologies the garment industry is using in these countries such as the challenges and opportunities they have got in their hands.

These include a different kind of technologies used in different countries and the factors associated with them such as examples shown in details respect to those particular countries and the different advantages and disadvantages of these technological advancements and this research paper also thoroughly discusses the old technologies which are still used by the majority of industries in some countries and the possible reasons of doing so which further shines a light upon the reasons these industries are clinging on to the old school methods.

This study ranges and covers all the aspects i.e., Pre – Preparatory, Pre-Production, Production, and Post Production processes of a garment right from the beginning to the end. This research paper further shines light upon the importance of Automation and the different types of levels of Automation such as Basic, Intermediate and Advance level. These are shown with the help of different examples of machines which are used in the aforementioned countries such as the Sewing Machines, Fabric Inspection Machine etc.

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Overall, the opportunities are huge for these countries for improving their garment industries by perfectly balancing the different aspects of technological advancements and that is what this research paper shines a light upon by making aware our readers that what are the different current scenarios of the garment industries in these different countries.

Contributors: Aryan Rathore, Prince, Sneha Mahto, Somya, Suyash Prakash, Nilima Regina Topno


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