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Yarn to Fabric Manufacturing

A case study on spun yarn production to fabrics and finishing processes in a real-time production environment

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About the Case Study

Being a student of the Department of Fashion Technology, who specializes in the field of apparel manufacturing, it was truly a new and enriching experience to understand the various processes carried out in the textile industry. The knowledge of textiles has broadened my understanding of various subjects taught to us in our college.

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Interacting with the high-level managers was an experience in itself. It gave me a better understanding of managerial skills and how to maintain professional as well as personal relations with subordinates and superiors. With the guidance of our HOD’s, we were able to create a congenial environment for working with them.

During my stay in the industry, I had the splendid opportunity to schedule our lives according to the hectic routine of the industry. The professional outlook and approach of the people around us helped us inculcate these qualities in ourselves too.

In the end, I would like to say that this project has greatly improved my managerial skills. It has exponentially improved my abilities to communicate with people, my documenting and presentation skills and it has also enhanced my imaginative and observational power. I learned how to explore new dimensions and formulate them according to my needs.

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