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Advancements in Reactive Textile Dyes

Classifications, characteristics, developments, and advancements in Reactive Textile Dyes

The market for reactive dyes will continue to increase. This will arise partly from a marginal increase in the production of cellulosic fibres, essentially cotton, and more importantly from the replacement of other classes of cellulose dye, such as azoic and sulphur dyes, by reactive dyes.

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Classification of Reactive Dyes

Monofunctional Type

The most important reactive system contains an only possible reactive centre, such as the halogen substituent in the aminohalotriaz the dye or the activated terminal carbon atom in vinylsulphone system.3

In the other two equivalent replaceable halogen substituent dichlorotriazine, diflouropyrimidine hetrocyclic ring system. The reactivity of the remaining halogen substituent is greatly decreased by the presence of the new hydroxyl or cellulose substituent.

The different monofunctional reactive dyes are as follows.

1Dichlorotrazine dyeProcion MXZeneca
2Aminochlorotriazine dyeProcion HZeneca
3Aminoflurotriazine dyeCibacionCGY
4Trichloropyridine dyeDrimarine XS
5Dichloroquinoxaline dyeLevafixBAY
6Sulphatoethyl-sulphone dyeRamazolHDE

Bifunctional Type

It is a high value of Cuprammonium fluidity observed for dyeing of many reactive dyes full depths, although tests of tensile strength demonstrated that the cellulose remained undamaged. Investigation showed that these anomalous results were associated with those dye capable of forming cross-links between neighbouring cellulose chains.3

The degree of cross-linking was relatively insignificant for the typical pad-batch dyeing at ambient temperature, but thermal fixation by pad-dry steam method resulted in a much higher proportion of cross-linked dye molecules.

The different bifunctional dyes are as follows.

1Bis(aminochlorotriazine)Procion HEZeneca
2Bis(aminonicotionotriazine)Kayaceton reactKYK


Sumifix supraNSK


Cebracin CCGY
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