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Automatic cone winding

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Specifications of automatic cone winding, checking of reeling frequently, reeling doff weight, reeling calculations

Automatic Cone Winding


  • No. of Drum frame-60
  • Splicer/Drum-1
  • No. of driving motors with inverter per drum
  • Electronic yarn clears the system
  • Package shape- 557
  • Traverse—150mm
  • Max.Package Dia: 300mm(Wt. 3.4 Kg)
  • Winding speed – up to 2000meter/minute
  • Empty bobbin conveyor with –endless belt
  • Yarn length counter with Full package stop motion
  • Wax Applicator

Also included blower, Frequency Inverter, Auto Speed controller, Compressed air Station


Reeling is a very convenient process for yarn dyeing, bleaching and mercerizing. Here cones or Ring Bobbins of different sizes are kept in the holder. Then they are passed through yarn guide to the swift. A hexagonal swift having 54” circumference of three pairs of swift arms, one pair is fixed in vertical
position, while the other two are loosely fitted on the shaft. At the time of doffing the arms can be made to collapse. At this collapsible stage, the hanks become loose and can be easily taken out of the swift for the next cycle of operation.

Checking of Reeling Frequently

Tiling, Doff, Wt. knotting, cutting offends

Calculation of Reeling

Swift circumference = 54” = 1.5 yds
Std. Rack = 14T = Standard hank wheel = 80T
Std. Length in yds/Reeling hank = 1.5*Rack* Std. H/W = 1.5*14*80=1680 yds
1 Katha(Rack) =120 yds
14 Katha 14*120 =1680 yds
1 teeth of hank wheel = 21 yds
80 teeth of hank wheel = 21*80 = 1680 yds

Reeling Doff Weight:

Doff weight = 80(constant) hank* no. of the length of hank

Doff wt = Nominal count 840*count

Count Doff weight
40’ 2 lbs-> 80/40=2 lbs
32’ 2.4 lbs->80/32= 2.5 lbs
20’ 4 lbs
62’ 1.29 lbs
74’ 1.08 lbs
82’ 0.975 lbs
80’ 1.0 lbs
Reeling hank wheel = 80(constant)* Actual count
Nominal count


H/W = Length of Hank(1680 yds)
1.5(cir)*Rack Wheel
Bundle weight in lbs. = Cir. Of reel * 80* Rack(katha)*Mora
36*840*Actual count


  • Net wt. of yarn per carton = 100 lbs
  • Gross wt. of yarn per carton = 100 lbs+Tare Wt.

Tare Wt.

  • A weight of empty carton strip, clip, polythene, No. of cones per carton- 24, 32, 36


  • Loose bundle pressed in bundling machine and produces bundle is packed and equipped with board paper and Count Level.


  • Net Wt. per bale = 400 lbs
  • Gross wt per Bale = 400 lbs + Tare Wt. (hessian cloth, Polythene, Bamboo stick, label, Board etc)
  • 40 Bundles contain bales
  • 40 Bundles * 10 lbs= 400 lbs
  • Sometimes half bale of 200 lbs is also produced as per market requirement.

Double twisting

  • Double twisting is the process of twisting two or more yarns to form plied yarn.
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